Posted: March 23rd, 2023

How to Make a Good First Impression

The first impression applies to various opportunities such as job interviews, cocktail parties, and meeting a person for the first time. When meeting someone for the first time, the person may take the first several seconds to evaluate and make a judgment based on what he/she sees. During a first time meeting, the other person creates an opinion based on the dressing, manners, appearance, and the body language. The first impressions are very significant since they are unforgettable and they usually form a basis of the relationship that follows (Brett and McKay 1). Therefore, whether it is a career or social life, it is important for one to create a very good first impression as shall be discussed.

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Keep Time

Whenever an individual is meeting a person for the first instance, it is important to observe time. Thus, it is significant for one to plan the time adequately and arrive early. Additionally, it is advisable to attend the appointment earlier due to traffic inconveniences ( 1). Worth noting is that being on time is a great way of creating a good first impression.

Be Yourself

It is important to be comfortable about yourself to avoid creating a wrong impression to the person you are meeting. It is imperative to be the person you are and avoid exaggerating things or talking about issues that you are not conversant with. It is good to remain confident, calm, and at ease. In fact, the other person will reciprocate, thus forming a solid foundation of your relationship (Zenn 1). Being confident and at ease plays a significant role in creating a good first impression.

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Appropriate Presentation

When a person is meeting a new person for the first time, the physical appearance matters a lot. The first impression forms the basis of judgment by the other person. The appearance will form a mental picture that will remain in their mind, which says a lot about the person. Therefore, it is important to know which event or occasion you are attending to understand the dressing code that perfectly fits the event. For instance, a business meeting is different from a casual meeting; hence, the dress code is also different. On the same note, knowing the other person’s norms and culture will put one at a vantage point when it comes to the choice of dressing ( 1). Additionally, it is important for one to be well-groomed since it gives you confidence. Being smart and well-groomed goes a long way in creating a good impression about yourself.


A genuine smile goes a long way in creating a perfect first impression. The saying goes that “smile to the world and it will smile back at you.” A warm smile reduces the anxiety and tension between you and the other party. Thus, it is good to smile as it significantly plays a major role in creating a first-time impression ( 1). However, it is not good to overdo the art of smiling, as it may seem insincere.


According to Zenn, body language and appearance are important in projecting self-confidence and assurance. It is important to give a warm handshake, maintain eye contact, and most importantly offer a smile. By doing so, one becomes at ease with the other party. It is normal to be nervous while meeting a person for the first time and it is important for one to be aware of their nervousness habits and do their best to keep them in check (1).


Having a constructive conversation with a person you just met plays a significant role in showing your confidence. If the meeting was pre-planned, it is important to prepare for what you are going to talk about depending on why you are meeting. It is important to learn a thing or two about the person you just met ( 1). Through this, a person may find out that you share something in common, thus keeping the conversation flowing and eventually ending up creating a good impression.


The attitude you portray is key to everything you say or do. Thus, it is crucial to display a positive attitude even when you are criticized or when you are nervous. It is important to make positive contributions to the meeting as it shows that you are attentive and you understand what is being discussed ( 1). Thus, to ensure a good first impression, it is imperative for a person to have a positive attitude towards the other person.

Be Courteous and Attentive

Being polite and attentive creates a good first impression. Bad behavior in the first meeting will cost one dearly since it will ruin all the chances of making any positive impression. These days, it is important for one to switch off their phones when they are meeting for the first time to avoid disruptions ( 1). It is equally important to give the person you are meeting all the attention.

First impressions are very important for an individual and the perception the other person will have after meeting that person. Therefore, it is critical for one to be on their best behavior whenever they are meeting a person for the first time. As discussed, having a positive attitude and good behavior plays a significant role in creating the first-time picture of a person. The first impression is hard to erase, and therefore it is important to give the best during the first meeting.

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