Posted: March 23rd, 2023

Excessive Barking Problem

Excessive barking and howling

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The excessive barking problem in dogs can be noticed when every slight movement triggers the pet to bark. The fluttering leaves, cars driving by, or strangers passing by are factors that can be used to identify the problem (Denenberg, 2020). Obsession with barking throughout the day while in a static position, such as by the window, and limited involvement in other activities are crucial signs to consider.

Potential medical causes:

The barking and howling might be a result of an illness. This would require the attention and professional engagement of a veterinarian.


Barking and howling excessively is a behavioral problem in dogs that requires attention and a remedy. The problem is caused by anxiety in the dogs, making them restless.


Exercise can be used to engage the pet while seeking to reduce the anxiety experienced. The approach would reduce stress and make the dog less responsive to stimuli in its environment. Taking walks with the dog and playing with it are some ways to achieve exercise (Denenberg, 2020). Behavioral conditioning can play a crucial role, including rewarding the pet when it keeps quiet and engage in less barking. Systematic desensitization by attracting the dog’s attention to other activities and factors, such as fetching toys, can help change the motivation from which the barking is derived, eventually calming the pet.

If the problem persists:

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Extreme cases might require a professional to provide medical or other effective solutions. Board-certified veterinary behavioral or Certified Applied Animal Behaviorists (CAAB) are some professionals who could be consulted. Besides, engaging a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT) would be the best option for the problem.



Denenberg, S. (2020). Problem behaviors and management in cats and dogs. Small Animal Veterinary Psychiatry, 169.


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