Posted: March 23rd, 2023

Examining Nursing Specialties

I challenged myself to enroll in a specialty in psyche-registered nursing to provide care to people with mental health problems. The professional path is fulfilling, especially since most nurses avoid the specialty. Providing mental health-related care has never been easy considering that many people require such help and support (Wing, Regan, & Spence Laschinger, 2015). Therefore, I chose to be part of the mental health team and offer the much-needed care.

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It has not always been easy to decide to pursue a career in mental health care because the field entails caring for people with psychological and behavioral problems. Some of such people are violent and hard to help (Hunter, Weber, Shattell, & Harris, 2015). However, I witnessed various instances in my life that motivated my decision. Since I was young, I encountered friends and neighbors experiencing severe psychological issues, such as anxiety and depressive disorders (Goulter, Kavanagh, & Gardner, 2015). Although I did not understand the problem at a young age, I developed the desire to assist such people.

I always had the desire to help vulnerable people and knew that the best way to achieve this was pursuing a career in mental health. I will work effectively as a member of the American Psychiatric Nurses Association (APNA). This organization will allow my participation in professional development and provide a forum for information sharing among professionals. Membership is possible for any professional who is a registered nurse and pays the fees (including a registration fee) (APNA, 2019). Membership provides a chance for personal and professional enrichment.

Psych nurse is one of the most challenging professions in health care. Regardless of such challenges, I believe that a career in this area will offer an opportunity to assist others. Many people in society suffer from mental health challenges and require adequate care. Hence, regardless of the need to work with vulnerable populations, I maintain my drive to develop in this field.

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