Posted: March 23rd, 2023

Evidence-Based Practice Defined as Translational Research

Translational or implementation research supports the use of scientific evidence to support health care interventions. Therefore, evidence-based practice from the perspective of translational science is the use of evidence from research to support the quality of care and both positive patient and population health outcomes (Harvey & Kitson, 2015). The model ensures the implementation of interventions that are proven effective in the treatment and management of healthcare problems. It clarifies the intervention strategies that are effective to particular patient populations and within specific care contexts. The use of translational science expedites and sustains the effective incorporation of evidence in practice.

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The framework that supports EBP as a translational science is a problem-solving framework. It facilitates the application of the best and effective evidence to make proper decisions in practical settings and in providing care. The model begins with the identification of a problem in healthcare, collection and analysis of data as evidence to solve the problem (Proctor et al., 2015). The evidence should be effective to be applied in practice in solving a real-life problem. Thus, whenever nurses encounter a problem in health care, they should be prepared to research and collect relevant evidence to inform their interventions.

One of the most problematic population health issues in the country today is a prescription drug overdose. I am interested in researching the opioids overdose, which has become a common issue in the country’s healthcare system, causing high rates of deaths and high cost of caring for the affected people. Current policy solutions remain ineffective in addressing the problem. Therefore, it is necessary to research evidence-based interventions to effectively address the problem and achieve positive outcomes in population health.

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