Posted: March 23rd, 2023

Evaluation of Brands in Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall is one of the leading set up places for luxury brand stores. With its popularity in the United Emirates of Arab (UAE), it attracts many shoppers. Based on the vast number of stores within it, shoppers prefer to visit the Mall to save time. Since brands take advantage of the figures, as they need consumers, the positioning helps boost sales. However, other factors such as customer service experience affect product sales. The presence of good sales personnel heightens the likelihood of purchases and retains consumers. The level at which customers are familiar with the products portrays their ability to convince customers to make purchases. Ralph Lauren, Henry Jacques, and Tiffany & Co are some luxury brands that opened their stores in the Mall. The salespersons in these stores displayed different levels of understanding of the brands; thus, affecting brand sales. If salespersons are not conversant with a brand, they are unlikely to represent it to the consumers; therefore, it is essential to evaluate the level at which they represent the three luxury brands in Dubai Mall to establish the success of these brands.

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Overview of Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren is one of the leading luxury brands worldwide. According to Forbes (2021a), the brand was founded in New York in 1967. Ralph Lauren started the company as a fashion brand that deals in clothes, accessories, and home furnishing (Forbes, 2021a). Although the company has diversified its product lines to include fragrances, clothing is its main product. With over fifty years of existence, the corporation has established its subsidiaries overseas. Forbes (2021a) reveals that the firm has its stores in North America, Europe, Middle East, and Asia. The expansion is linked to the firm’s high-quality products. In the Middle East, the firm set up one of its subsidiaries in Dubai Mall, UAE. The mall website indicates that its image and reputation constantly develop due to its global production (Emaar, 2021). Indeed, Ralph Lauren is one of the world’s luxury brands.

How Much the Salesperson is Conversant with the Brand

The salespersons are acquainted with the brand. During shopping, the sales personnel are highly conversant with the heritage of the brand. They understand the origin of the brand, craftmanship, and its legacy. When a consumer inquires from them where the clothes are from, the attendants can easily explain that they originate from the USA. They inform the consumers that the brand helps in portraying them as sophisticated members of society. Since they are from New York, the attendants inform the clients that the clothes are trendy and offer a modern look. They elucidate to potential buyers what every apparel represents and their perfect occasions. Explaining the concept helps the shoppers understand the look they want, makes the shopping experience simple for the clients and assists them in recognizing their fashion sense. Concisely, the Ralph Lauren attendants in Dubai Mall are represented what they sell.

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The personnel should improve their customer service experience. Merk and Michel (2019) reveal that how attendants treat consumers creates a perception of what they sell. As a result, if attendants are rude and unwilling to help, consumers will negatively discern the brand. The attendants in the Ralph Lauren store are biased in their services. They are quick to serve well-dressed individuals and ignore the donned customers. If one visits the store wearing branded clothes, shoes, and accessories, the attendants are likely to respond and offer additional information on the brand. However, if you dress casually, it may take a while before an attendant offers to help. The bias creates a negative perception of the brand (Merk & Michel, 2019). Hence, the attendants should improve their customer service and treat all the clients equally.



Overview of Tiffany & Co

Tiffany & Co is one of the renowned jewelry firms. Forbes (2021b) reveals that the corporation was founded in 1837 by Charles Tiffany. Although the corporation has diversified its product line to encompass timepieces, fragrances, leather goods, and accessories, jewelry is its main product (Forbes, 2021b). Within its 184 years of existence, the firm has expanded its production overseas. Forbes (2021b) notes that the company has stores in America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. In the Middle East, the corporation has set store in Dubai Mall, UAE.  The store’s website in the Mall depicts that the store has continually exhibited excellence, uniqueness, and style in its products (Emaar, 2021). Tiffany & Co is a celebrated jewelry brand with a significant reputation.

How Much the Salesperson is Conversant with the Brand

The attendants do not represent the brand. Although they are conversant with the pricing and fitting of the store’s jewelry, they can hardly differentiate the material from which the pieces are crafted. Their advice on what should be worn to different occasions varies from one attendant to another since it is based on personal opinion. Equally, they do not recognize the antiques and uniqueness in every piece. Hence, they hardly have time to provide details on jewelry and allow consumers to make their own choices based on taste and preferences.

Recommendation to the Attendants

The attendants should make an effort to learn about the brand and embrace the brand and embody it. According to Merk and Michel (2019), salespeople should recognize a luxury brand as family members. They need to learn about the brand and represent it as if it was their relative. Getting acquainted with the products will assist in making sales. Concisely, Tiffany & Co assistants should learn and understand the brand.


Overview of Henry Jacques 

Henry Jacques corporation is a luxury perfume brand. It was founded by Henry Cremona over fifty years ago in France (Munyal, 2019). The firm began as a designer for masculine and feminine scents. Munyal (2019) elucidates that the firm’s chief executive officer (CEO) began producing unisex fragrances as she believed in the unisexuality of perfumes. With time, the corporation expanded its output to other continents. In Dubai Mall, the store is modelled like a 16th-century French castle with antique stones, panels, and rich woodwork (Munyal, 2019). The precision in customizing scents and perfume notes portrays the firm as a luxury brand.

The Salespersons Representation of the Brand

The sales personnel represent the brand excellently because they are familiar with the brand designs and their originality. During shopping, they offer information on the different masculine and feminine scents. They are detailed in elucidating the uniqueness of every perfume. Munyal (2019) aver that the store has private chambers for consumers that seek bespoke fragrances. Attendants provide detailed information to individuals in the sections on the different scents before offering customized perfumes. Consumers with questions on what scents bring out their taste and personality are given various products to choose from. With this information, consumers can easily make their purchases. Merk and Michel (2019) aver that personnel in luxury stores represent the brand by impressing consumers. The vast knowledge the assistants possess in the store leaves consumers in awe of the brand’s perfumes. While personnel offers exceptional customer service experience, the salespersons’ relationship with consumers helps enhance a brand’s image (Merk &Michel, 2019). Providing outstanding services to customers makes the firm a reputable brand.

Recommendation to the Salespersons

The sales personnel should learn more about Henry Jacques’ origin and heritage. As consumers shop, they inquire about the origin and legacy of the products. The personnel have a difficult time answering these questions. For instance, they are not very conversant and may fail to fully explain the products’ pricing. Merk and Michel (2019) elucidate that assistants should depict oneness with the brand. Therefore, if the attendants cannot identify the brand’s origin and heritage, they are separated from it. The disparity hinders them from fully representing the brand. Indeed, they should widen their knowledge of the brand’s heritage and origin.

Comparing and Contrast the Representation of the Brands

The salesperson’s knowledge of the brands’ craftsmanship differs. At Ralph Lauren, the attendants are conversant with the apparel designs and acknowledge the uniqueness of each product and the purpose they serve. They offer information on where certain clothes should be worn and matching sets. Similarly, shop attendants in Tiffany & Co are familiar with the price and fitting of every piece of jewelry. However, they cannot acknowledge the different materials used in jewelry and when they should be worn. Henry Jacques’ sales personnel are familiar with every perfume notes.  They inform the consumers of the intended message from every fragrance. Indeed, the shop personnel in all the three brand stores are acquainted with the products’ customization.

The sales personnel in the three stores offer different levels of customer service to the clients. Ralph Lauren attendants offer a negative perception of the brand to its consumers. As Merk and Michel (2019) depicted, salespersons influence brand perception. With the poor customer service, the shop attendants are selling the brand’s products instead of representing them. Tiffany & Co attendants exhibit top-notch customer care. Since the brand portrays excellence, the salespersons represent it splendidly. Similarly, assistants at Henry Jacques offer exceptional customer service and serve all the customers equally; thus, displaying the brand’s excellence. Indeed, the stores’ assistants depict different customer service experiences.


As is evident from the analysis, Dubai Mall is the home of Ralph Lauren, Tiffany & co, and Henry Jacques. Representation of the brands by the salesperson is one of the factors that determine if consumers prefer their product to other brands. At Ralph Lauren, the attendants are highly conversant with the brand and can explain the origin of the products to the consumer and offer advice on what to wear for different occasions. Tiffany & Co sales personnel indicate average brand knowledge since they can hardly advise consumers on jewelry craftsmanship. When it comes to Henry Jacques, the attendants represent the brand sufficiently and provide detailed information about the perfumes and inform consumers what to wear on different occasions. When the three brands are compared, Henry Jacques shop attendants represent the brand more than the other two. Hence, the sales personnel should further improve their services to represent the brands instead of just selling them.

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