Posted: March 23rd, 2023


Employee Conduct

Complaint Resolution Procedure

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At H.A.N.D Company, we take all employees and clients’ complaints seriously since they play a crucial role in the provision of better services. At H.A.N.D, we believe that consensus is the key to resolving any conflict or complaint that may be raised by our employee. We assure the employee that their complaints will be handled with utmost confidentiality. It is, however, recommended that an employee should first raise their concerns with their supervisors to try and find a solution. Nevertheless, if one feels that the supervisor is not in a position to handle their grievances, it is advisable to raise it with the human resource department or the relevant authorities.

Smoking Policy

H.A.N.D is a natural disaster relief organization that is likely to come in contact with people from all walks of life, including children. Therefore, it is important that all our employees should desist from smoking. Smoking is dangerous for people’s health, including the active and passive smokers. Under those premises, we advocate for people to lead a safe and healthy life. Therefore, it is against the company rules to smoke, especially when one is at work.

Personal Appearance

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In our organization, personal look is critical, and we strive to maintain a well-functioning workplace environment devoid of unnecessary distractions or annoyances. Therefore, it is a requirement that all employees appear neat and well groomed, given the nature of the work that they undertake. All our employees are required to present the professional image to our clients and the people we are likely to serve. Thus, it is important for the employees to maintain the professional look given their area of work, whether in the field or the office. Any employee who does not adhere to these grooming rules may be asked to leave the area of work to go and adjust their dressing code to be in line with the company’s personal appearance policy.


H.A.N.D prohibits an employee or non-employee solicitation, posting, or distributing of materials on the organization property except in an event that he/she is allowed by the relevant authorities. Non-employees are not allowed to solicit H.A.N.D employees or make any postings within the company’s premise. Our employees are only allowed to admit non-employees in the organization to perform any duty only with the approval of the relevant authority. Any visit by an outsider should not disrupt the workflow in the company. Additionally, our employees are not allowed to solicit other workers except for a company sponsored or approved event. Also, any posting of materials or any electronic announcements must be done with the approval from the human resource.

Termination of Employment

Employment agreement with H.A.N.D is entered into voluntarily; therefore, an employee is at liberty to resign at any given time with or without cause. However, the organization may terminate the employment contract at any time as long as there is a violation of federal or state law. The employee may be dismissed from their work due to; violation of rules and personal policies, incompetence, negligence, or any other similar cause. An employee who wishes to resign is required to give a two-week written notice. In this case, the employee is required to return all the organization’s assets before they are formally allowed to leave the company on their last day at work.

Drug-Free Workplace

The organization is committed to protecting the health and safety of its employees, clients, and associates in our workplace. Therefore, we work hard to maintain a workforce that is free from drug and substance abuse. H.A.N.D advocates for drug-free workers since we are aware of the danger posed due to the use of drugs, which end up affecting an individual’s performance. Therefore, it is important for all our employees to observe and maintain an alcohol and drug-free environment. To ensure that the policy is being respected, drug testing will be carried out randomly amongst our employees, and if one is found to have violated the drug policy, he/she will face disciplinary action which may lead to termination of employment.

Safety and Health

The safety and health of all our employees, visitors, contractors, or any individual who may be associated with our operations is paramount. A person associated or working within our premise should feel safe whenever they are carrying out their duties. To enforce the set rules, the organization has set a committee that will identify any unsafe working places and assist in evaluating the dangers to reduce accident that may occur. To ensure the safety of all our workers, we conduct regular checks to eliminate hazards and identify any dangers that may be there. Additionally, the employees who work under dangerous conditions are provided with the necessary protective equipment, and they are trained on how to use them safely.

Technology: Computers and Cell Phones

The H.A.N.D technology should not be used to view or create any offensive, threatening, or disruptive materials. Any employee who is assigned an organization-owned computer or cell phone should use it for its intended purpose. Employees are not allowed to make any downloads without the approval of the Information Technology Department. Additionally, it is against the organization rules for one to use our technology for personal gains. All workers are allowed to have their cell phones during working hours, but they should not serve as a distraction that may affect an individual duty. Therefore, it is upon an employee to be responsible with the devices assigned and those owned by them.

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