Posted: March 23rd, 2023

CT Scan Test and Cancer Development

Controversies are evident regarding the potential danger of computed tomography (CT) scan, including the risk of cancer development. As a result, patients and physicians are advised to be cautious when using this diagnostic tool (McCollough, Bushberg, Fletcher, & Eckel, 2015). Being a debatable topic, a lack of consensus exists as to whether CT scans can lead to the progress of cancers in the future. Regardless of the argument that the CT examinations contain a low dosage, their use could have a considerable risk of cancer development.

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The high risk of cancer growth is revealed in research. I agree with the research findings and support Redberg and Smith-Bindman (2014) in the statement that “we are giving ourselves cancer.” The utilization of diagnostic testing with high-dose radiation, such as CT Scanning, can expose people to the risk of development and multiplication of cancer cells. One CT scan places an individual at the danger of a high quantity of radiation that can cause cancer. Huang et al. (2014), in a study of 24 418 participants under 18 years, revealed an association between pediatric head CT scan with a benign brain tumor. Besides, McCunney and Li (2014) highlighted the risk of radiation involved in CT scans in lung cancer. The danger of potentially malignant tumors emanates from the use of radiation on CT examinations.

From a personal assessment and review of the current literature, I concur with the statement that CT scans are a risk factor for cancer development. Previous studies suggest that the radiation in CT scans can place a patient at risk of various conditions, such as lung cancer and brain tumors. However, further research is necessary to establish the actual association between CT scans and the risk of cancer in different patient groups.

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