Posted: March 23rd, 2023


Conflicts might exist in collaborating teams because individuals in such groups come from diverse backgrounds. Disagreements are evident when people with different values, views, and perspectives about care come together to pursue a common goal. Although conflicts can negatively affect patient care practices, they can also play a significant role in promoting interdisciplinary teamwork and collaboration.

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Conflicts are common in interdisciplinary teamwork and collaboration. Matziou et al. (2014) suggest that one of the most significant competencies in such settings is conflict resolution. For instance, interdisciplinary teams comprising of nurses and doctors are marred by disagreements because of different perspectives in care provision (Matziou et al., 2014). When members solve such conflicts, they become more effective in their care provision roles. Teams work together based on their ability to resolve disputes and develop communication styles that work for individuals and the whole group. They provide an opportunity for the team members to reflect on what they can do differently to achieve positive results in their care process. Through an appropriate conflict resolution, teams are founded on trust and mutual understanding. Besides, when a group encounters a conflict, members learn to implement adequate communication tools to support their effective functioning and to avoid such difficulties in the future.

As is evident from the discussion, in interdisciplinary teamwork and collaboration, disagreements arise, which can be addressed professionally and respectfully. Therefore, successfully resolved conflicts support the creation of strong teams that can bring together their different perspectives to pursue a common goal in the care process. Since conflicts cannot be avoided in teamwork, they should be viewed positively and resolved appropriately to generate progressive results for patients and team members.

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