Posted: March 23rd, 2023

Community Assessment and Intervention

Communities can be understood in different ways, such as geopolitical and phenomenological areas. Geopolitical places refer to specific spatial locations within a country. Such designations can be based on legal, political, and structural boundaries. In contrast, phenomenological spaces are relational; they develop from the common interest of its members. The above aspects matter in health care in the sense that they influence a population’s health assessment and intervention.

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Health patterns are the embodiment of phenomenological and geopolitical spaces. Transport systems, housing, and education level of people living in a spatial location might impact their state of health. For instance, asthma may be a common condition among individuals living near an industrial area, due to the frequent emission of air pollutants. Horton (2015) emphasized the centrality of politics to health. This means that political factors influence the well-being of a population. These environmental, physical, political, and social elements are integral determinants of the most suitable community health assessment tools and intervention measures.

The nursing process is applied in the assessment and intervention of health issues. It is a “tool that promotes evidence-based practice” for patients (Leslie, 2018). Hence, to achieve desired outcomes, it must be conducted systematically. The steps involved include assessment, diagnosis, planning, implementation, and evaluation (Hagos, Alemseged, Balcha, Berhe & Aregay, 2014). The assessment facilitates the identification of health issues as nurses gather data on factors that affect peoples’ well-being. Upon discovery of a problem, various options are tested in the implementation stage, and an appropriate measure is adopted.

As is evident from the discussion above, geopolitical and phenomenological spaces are factors to consider when choosing community assessment and intervention measures. These aspects influence the physical well-being of a population. The nursing process can be used where health issues exist. It aids in the identification and development of ideal medical solutions. Nevertheless, the tool should be implemented systematically to obtain desired results.

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