Posted: March 23rd, 2023

Business Plan

Executive Summary

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The business plan is the blueprint for production and marketing of homemade healthy fruit juices. The juices are produced and marketed to provide the alternative to the present soft drinks that have been blamed for creating health issues, including obesity and diabetes. The main objectives that will be achieved by the new business include: identification of the target market to boost the sales of the healthy fruit juices; identification of the market segment that is most likely to buy the juices at the highest level of profitability; achievement of 60% of the projected sales within the first year of operations; application of the most effective promotional/and advertising options to reach the largest proportion of the target market. The target market for the fruit juices are the middle-class Americans of all age groups. The marketing strategy will provide an alternative to the soft and carbonated drinks, especially to customers who are health-conscious. The opportunity for health diet options will offer the business an edge over the competitors. In fact, it the business is expected to break-even before the end of the initial year. The annual revenue at the end of three years of operation is expected to be $3000 as conservative projections based on the revenue from the sales. Given that the owner will invest $1000 in the business, the projected profit by the end of year 3 will be $2000. The cash flow cycle is expected to be short. The business is a family-owned one, which means that it will be run by the owner, but with the support of five sales representatives who might increase as time goes by. The business will be implemented within two months, which will include the establishment of the retail outlet and acquisition of the materials and equipment.



  1. Executive summary
  2. Identified opportunity for the sales of healthy fruit juices.
  3. Taking advantage of the health consciousness amongst the Americans.
  4. The target market is middle-class Americans of all ages (Chernev 13)
  5. The product is homemade healthy fruit juice
  6. Marketing and sales strategy
  7. The competitiveness is founded on the health benefits of the products (Engle 8).
  8. Financial analysis
  9. The owner will be the manager and the manufacturer of the juice. Five sales executives will be hired.
  10. The business will be implemented within two months.
  11. Company Description
  12. Production of homemade healthy fruit juices
  13. Marketing of the juice to the target customers.
  14. Product or Service
  15. Homemade healthy fruit juices as a healthy alternative to carbonated and other unhealthy soft drinks.
  16. Market Analysis
  17. Middle-class Americans from all age groups.
  18. Americans in need for healthy diet.
  19. Use of media and social media to reach the diverse customers (Engle 31).
  20. Strategic Analysis/SWOT Analysis
  21. Strengths
  22. Weaknesses
  23. Opportunities
  24. Threats
  25. Strategy and Implementation
  26. Sole proprietor/family-owned business.
  27. The business will start in two months with acquisition of space, materials, and equipment.
  28. Management Team
  29. The sole owner will manage the family-owned business
  30. The owner will hire five sales executives to help in marketing and distribution of the fruit juices.
  31. Financial Analysis
  32. Sales revenue to grow to $3000 by the end of the third year.
  33. Profit projected at $2000


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