Posted: March 23rd, 2023


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Week 7: Assignment (Reaction Paper)

Workplace leadership inspires and motivates employees to achieve their best. Llopis (2012) begins with thought-provoking questions about the sources of motivation at an individual level. He challenges managers to balance motivation initiatives in all areas of operation. Further, the author encourages leaders to go behold assessing the level of motivation in employees and understand workers on a personal level to know what motivates them to achieve utmost results. Hence, once managers understand the members of their team, they can motivate them to achieve group objectives. Positive results are achievable when leaders form proper relationships with the workers. Llopis provides advice to managers using a list of nine points that motivate employees. Besides various approaches that can inspire an employee, Llopis summarizes nine critical aspects that could be applied to motivate employees to achieve organizational goals.

Leaders who read and understand the lessons are most likely to motivate their employees to get positive results from their efforts. One of the lessons is creating trustworthy leadership to gain the confidence of the employees. The leader is encouraged to openly communicate with workers to gain their support in achieving organizational objectives. The second lesson is the need to be relevant by recognizing the efforts of the employees. Leaders should get involved and understand their teams to develop skills and aptitude. The manager should also encourage the followers to achieve beyond organization expectations. They should provide opportunities for career advancement as a source of motivation to achieve better results. Llopis (2012) challenges leaders to encourage their employees to reach the highest level in their career to avoid regrets and a feeling of guilt. A promise of a stable future is another source of motivation in organizations. The leader should understand the sources of motivation in the employees to avoid self-indulgence that can create short-term pleasures and long-term problems. In addition, the author proposes the need to create a happy environment as the greatest motivator and encourage employees to work in such a way that would leave a sustainable impact.

The author has also shared critical information and lessons that leaders should adopt to motivate their employees for both personal and organizational achievements, including the importance of building a strong team. According to Llopis (2012), researchers have explored the topic and even written books on their findings. While most of the literature is on the assessment procedures to establish the level of motivation, the article prescribes the important lessons that leaders should follow to increase the level of motivation. In addition, the author includes other approaches such as recognizing employees’ efforts and avoiding self-indulgence to ensure that followers are motivated in the long-term.

The article does not only reveal the importance of motivation in an organization, but also provides details to leaders who would want to increase the level of enthusiasm among employees. It is a manual for managers to inspire and develop effective employees. Since motivation is a critical factor for organizations, leaders can benefit from the information shared in the article. The author provides insights for the short-term initiatives while supporting leadership development in the long-term. Therefore, managers should read the article to understand the concepts and the benefits of working with people when building a successful workplace. The information reveals the most important elements of motivation which might not be taught in many schools.



Llopis, G.  (2012). The top 9 things that ultimately motivate employees to achieve, Forbes. Retrieved from


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