Posted: March 22nd, 2023

Quantitative & Qualitative Research

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Seiler and Moss (2012) conducted a qualitative study to establish the exceptional experiences of NPs providing health care to the homeless. The researchers categorized their findings in five themes, including the reason for their work, the needs of the population, the characteristics of NPs, the development of the relationship, and lessons obtained from the study. The findings revealed that NPs find their experience when providing care for the homeless as rewarding. However, their work involves major challenges and emotional strain. The study used an emotional strain scale to determine the level of emotional challenges involved in caring for the homeless.

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Causey and Greenwald (2011) conducted a replication study evaluating the efficacy of a colorectal cancer education session based on a health belief model in increasing awareness on the importance of colorectal cancer prevention and screening. The findings of the study revealed that education plays an important role in increasing awareness on the need for regular screening and adoption of a healthy lifestyle. The HBM survey was used as a tool in the study to evaluate the before and after beliefs about cancer screening.

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  2. Gangs in prison represent a unique population in terms of heightened health care needs.
  3. Health care providers (including nurses) in prison experience stress coping with the mental health needs of gang members in prison.

A Depression Scale is an effective tool in measuring the level of depression among healthcare providers who serve the mental health needs of gang members in prison.

  1. Nurses working in prison with gang members experience a higher level of depression compared to nurses working with the general population.
  2. Gang members in prison experience heightened levels of depression compared to their counterparts outside the prison.

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