Posted: March 22nd, 2023

Patient Preferences and Decision Making

Shared decision-making is an important part of the care-delivery process. It is the basis for patient-centered care, where the recipient of care assumes a crucial place in the care process. Kon, Davidson, Morrison, Danis, and White (2016) argue that failure to include the patient in the decision-making process can cause major issues, such as lack of patient satisfaction and compromised quality care outcomes. Decision-making should take into account the values, goals, and preferences of the patient and their families. Although health care providers are knowledgeable about the kind of care necessary for health conditions, they should involve the patient in the decision-making process.

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Case Analysis

The patient in the case analysis came to the hospital with symptoms of acute kidney failure, which was confirmed by a diagnosis. It was necessary to begin the treatment immediately, but various alternative treatments, including dialysis and kidney transplant, were available. It was necessary for the patient and his family to decide whether to begin dialysis or consider immediate kidney transplant because the kidney failure was acute. Besides, if the patient deliberated on dialysis, he should consider the setting to perform the process, such as specialist centers, at home, continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis, or automated peritoneal dialysis based on the Ottawa Personal Decision Guides (Patient Decision Aids, 2015). Furthermore, if the patient decided to have a kidney transplant, it was important to decide whether to approach a family or an outside donor. Finally, the patient decided to have a family donor for the kidney transplant.

Although the consultation process involving the patient and his family took time, it was necessary and important to engage the recipient of care in the decision-making process. Shared decision-making has proven effective in improving patient and provider satisfaction (Hoffmann, Montori, & Del Mar, 2014). Evidence-based practice should consider the important role of the patient in the caregiving process. The incident involved an elaborate consultation between the caregivers and the patient and his family. The process had a positive outcome because the patient was satisfied with every decision made in care delivery. However, the treatment was time-consuming and exhaustive because of the need to agree with every deliberation.

The outcome of the consultation and treatment was successful. The patient underwent a successful transplant using a kidney donated by a brother. Besides, the patient and the family were satisfied with the results of the treatment. The patient-centered decision played a significant role in supporting the treatment and healing process because the patient was at ease and comfortable with every action initiated by the healthcare team. The patient felt valued and respected in the relationship with caregivers because he was fairly engaged in decision-making. In addition, the client was confident with the skills and abilities of physicians and nurses working on his case because of the information they shared and the way they responded to his queries (Kon, Davidson, Morrison, Danis, & White, 2016). In the end, the patient was satisfied with the final results of the treatment.

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The case analysis involves a patient with acute kidney failure who had a difficult decision to make involving whether to have a kidney transplant or continue with dialysis. The physicians working on the case engaged him in making the right treatment decision, which was a kidney transplant using a brother as the donor. The doctor gave a form with treatment options and helped him to read and interpret. The family was critical to the successful completion of the treatment.

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