Posted: March 22nd, 2023

Marketing Techniques for the Modern Business Organization

Q, 1-Direct Mail

Direct mailing would be the most appropriate marketing tactic when promoting a refer-a-friend program. It entails mailing advertising materials to consumers at home or their working places. It targets those clients that are more likely to respond to the mail. Consumers prefer direct mail because they are more personal than internet mailing. It offers more trustworthy information since it targets a customer who is already known by the company and uses the company’s products. Direct mailing is effective compared to internet mailing because it does not bombard the customer with emails, which take a lot of time to read and respond to. When sales are down in a retail shop, direct mailing is instrumental in reaching customers and encouraging them to come with friends. Direct mail has a long shelf life since it can linger on coffee tables for many days.

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Q, 2 Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing is instrumental when a new website is struggling to optimize. When creating awareness for a new website, it is important to optimize the search engine. As a result, search engine marketing will enable the website to generate traffic from the related search term queries. This brings and sustains visitor traffic to the site. When marketing is optimized through a search engine, it will significantly affect the position of your website against your peer websites. This tactic will show the frequently used words and phrases and the keyword density. After this analysis, the website owner will know whether his/her website is accessible to the target customers. Therefore, the website will assist customers in finding the best shopping places in New York.

Q, 3 TV Advertising

If an oil company suffers from a recent environmental disaster and wants to change public perception, the best tactic is a TV advertisement. Environmental issues affect everybody in society. A TV advert will likely reach all generations, from the young to the old. In fact, TV advertisement is more vivid and convincing because it integrates visual images and sounds to make the whole advertisement interesting. In this case, it will reach a large audience, generate awareness, and attract attention in a particular geographical region.

Q, 4 Social Media

For a company in China to launch a product in the American market, it would require a social media platform. When using social media, the Chinese company will keep in touch with prospective customers and enjoy connectivity. Social media will connect both geographical places, and the customers will refer the product to their colleagues and family members. Through the social media platform, customers can ask questions and respond instantly to the manufacturer if they require clarification. Lastly, social media platforms are cheap, accessible, and easy to use.

Q, 5- Social Media

Xerox requires social media to promote the launch of its new product and encourage high attendance. When they use a platform like LinkedIn, the company will target the whole database of business professionals in the advertising and designing business. Hence, they will invite the target group without spamming their message to the wrong destination. The Facebook platform will also reach a wide consumer base if they segment their advertisement according to the area of interest. In this context, they can only target those organizations dealing with advertising and design business.

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