Posted: March 22nd, 2023

How to Prevent Violence in the Workplace

Introduction and Background information

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Violence at the place of work is a real phenomenon, especially in the modern society. The violence takes different forms, including physical assault, verbal abuse, harassment, as well as behavior that could be considered threatening to others (Paludi & Nydegger, 2006). Besides, the violence can be categorized into various forms according to the parties involved. There might be violence between the clients and customers, employers and employees, and relatives and employees or employers (Kelloway, 2006). While the effects of the workplace violence increasingly become visible, one may be concerned with the best approach to prevent such violence. Therefore, the justification for this research is to evaluate the most effective ways through which the workplace violence could be prevented.

Objectives and Aims

The objectives of the study are to evaluate the prevalence of the violence in the workplaces as witnessed in the US and recommend workable interventions to the management. Therefore, the aim is to present to the management the solutions that would prevent violence at the workplaces with special attention to the employees.

Study Questions

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The study focuses on the workplace violence involving the employees and takes a special look at the gender-based violence. Therefore, the fundamental question is about the prevalent sexual harassment at the places of work across the country.

However, the general study will be facilitated by the following sub-questions

  1. How often does sexual assault occur at the respective places of work?
  2. What are the main forms of sexual violence at the place of work?
  • Which gender mostly experience sexual violence in the working place?
  1. What exactly should the management and employers do to overcome the challenge of sexual violence at the working place?

Literature Review

The most prevalent kind of workplace violence involves the employees, which includes threats, bullying, and intimidation. A report by Sahadi estimates that about 700 lives are lost annually to violence in places of work within the country (2015). It is worth noting that the violence that could be considered non-fatal occurs even more frequently (Sahadi, 2015). As such, over two million employees are directly affected by the workplace violence. Therefore, it is imperative for employers and the management teams to embrace better means to overcome the vice.

Benefiting Audience

The employers are the primary losers in instances of violence at the places of work because the violence often affects the rates of performance (Bowie, 2005). Besides, the management teams experience difficulties in managing the offended teams. As such, this research would be of essence to both the management teams and the employers because it will establish workable solutions that will prevent the occurrences of sexual violence in places of work. Besides, the research will recommend to the employers and managers on the best ways of preventing the violence through policy frameworks. In addition, the research study will recommend other useful tools, which will prevent the occurrence of such violence through creating awareness.

MSA Concentration in Human Resources

It is evident that in the management of human resource, the concern about the effects of workplace violence cannot be ignored. The special attention on sexual violence is prompted by its prevalence in the majority of modern places of work (Kelloway, 2006). As such, this paper focuses on contributing to the overall understanding of the subject in the wider field of human resource management. In fact, the literature shows that sexual assault takes different forms, including the use of vulgar language towards a specific gender or indecent clothing. As such, nearly all people in a working environment are affected by the gender-based violence.

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