Posted: January 30th, 2023

The Nurse Leader and the System Development Life Cycle

The importance of nurse leaders’ contributions to a healthcare facility’s systems development project cannot be overstated. The nurse leader coordinates the graduate-level nurses’ use of the nurse documentation system. The team leader will also choose the nurses who will be a part of the implementation team. The job descriptions for other nurses must be changed based on the SDLC phases and activities, even when a nurse leader has multiple roles on the implementation team.

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Definition of Arrangement and Needs


Planning and requirements specification make up the first step of the SDLC. At this stage, vital information is required to evaluate the demand for the new system and create the most efficient deployment plan. The nurse’s job at the planning stage is to provide essential information on the project’s benefits and drawbacks. Since data is required from the beginning, the component impacts the project’s performance.

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An analysis is the second stage of the SDLC. The act occurs while assessing the system’s performance using predetermined standards. It entails figuring out whether the new system is suitable for the demands of its users. The project’s nurses require a design for product documentation to make their tasks easier. Customers must provide essential data to evaluate the project or satisfactorily address their needs.


The Design of the New System


The requirements, features, and processes for a new documentation system that will meet the demands of the end users must be developed at the third stage of the cycle design. The nurse is in charge of ensuring sure the system is created to match their specific requirements.

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