Posted: January 30th, 2023


The majority of religious leaders are against the practice of using technology to pray to God. All significant faiths strive for the same: contact with God, and creative worship is guaranteed to improve that encounter. Globalization, research, and innovation are frequently related to economic achievements in commerce and the infrastructure that supports them. Additionally, most technological prototypes have been developed to adhere to corporate organizational structures or to imitate beliefs on social interactions, international trade, and environmental conservatism. While technology can broaden the experience and attract new members, religious institutions still need to improve it. This study looks at how technology influences religious groups, how much of it is used, and how it might help us grow closer to God and slow down society’s secularization.

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Objectives and Goals


The study’s main objective is to ascertain the extent to which innovation and technology are used in religious institutions and the extent to which their acceptance can halt the growing secularization of society.

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The research’s investigation and hypothesis are based on the above mentioned objectives.


To investigate the impact of technology on how people learn about religious doctrine and beliefs.


To determine the infrastructure requirements for such systems and the technological innovations and forms suitable for pastoral settings.

To assess religious cultures’ systemic openness, ability, and capacity (or lack thereof) to new ideas.

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