Posted: January 30th, 2023

Nursing Theory in Practice

Nursing theories are important because they influence how medical personnel treat patients. They operate as the cornerstone for nursing practice and research. As a result, they help determine the duties and responsibilities of nurses as caregivers. Theories are crucial in modern nursing and healthcare because they improve practice and patient outcomes. In the United States, there are significant healthcare challenges, including shifting patient demographics and rising healthcare costs. Strong concepts should consequently be accessible to elicit the right responses.

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Additionally, the ethnic population is growing, making it challenging for caregivers to modify care to meet the needs of each patient (Lee, Palmieri, & Watson, 2016). Nursing professionals must be aware of the changes, appreciate the brand-new difficulties, and offer practical remedies. Despite the obvious problems in their sector, nurses employ theories to focus their skills and expertise and deliver better care. Nurses can develop and operationalize novel concepts for use in nursing practice, in addition to more well-known concepts like Martha Rogers’ Unitary Human Beings, Fay Abdellah’s “21 Nursing Problems,” and Albert Bandura’s Social Learning Theory.


An entire person, Stewart Rogers

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Martha Rogers is a prominent nurse thinker. The “Science of Unitary Human Beings” is something she supports. She worked as a nurse in the United States before becoming a theorist, researcher, and author of the book An Introduction to the Theoretical Basis of Nursing, which outlined her theory. She came up with the theory because she believed that isolating patients from their environment was incorrect because it had a negative impact on their health. The environment is therefore essential for therapy and health (Smith & Parker, 2015). Enhancing American health care requires understanding the connection between people and the environment.

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