Posted: January 30th, 2023


Teachers should focus on educating students about the ethical issues raised by FERPA and HIPPA. Educators teach future healthcare professionals to adhere to the same standards when providing services and training others. A common objective among nurses and students is to refrain from “causing harm in all scenarios involving care.” Although more ethical concepts should be covered in nursing school, “Not injured” is adequate because it encompasses all moral precepts that govern healthcare.

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“Do no harm” is the guiding principle of ethical behavior in nursing and other medical areas. The practice must follow this minimal standard to safeguard patients from accidental harm. With this knowledge, students can more successfully develop the reflective and critical thinking skills necessary to provide competent care (Cannaerts, Gastmans, & Casterlé, 2014). With the help of this concept, nursing students will have the knowledge and abilities necessary to communicate with their patients and other caregivers. Additionally, it teaches them the relationship between context and intervention and how to use clinical skill and subtlety to prevent negative consequences on the continuum of care. Not harm, the guiding concept, covers the essentials, but educators should also teach other ethical principles. For instance, a nurse who adheres to the “Not harm” concept won’t take any unethical measures that could risk the patient. Per FERPA, HIPPA, and any other applicable ethical standards, they must maintain patient confidentiality and privacy throughout therapy sessions.


Since it forms the basis for comprehending and upholding all other healthcare ethical frameworks, the idea of not harming should be emphasized throughout nursing education. With this knowledge, nurses can give patients the best treatment possible while upholding strict patient safety standards. The “Do No Harm” precept should serve as the foundation for all nursing ethical instruction.

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