Posted: January 30th, 2023


Clinical Incidents Sharing Program for Nurses in Singapore: Nursing Abstract


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The clinical incident-sharing session program at the Kwong Wai Shiu Nursing Home aspires to uphold Singapore’s standards for senior patient care in terms of accessibility, cost, and quality. The method accurately detects and reports critical conditions to reduce medical errors while providing care. Over the past three decades, Singapore has improved services for the elderly through government and non-government nursing care aid. Individual organizations must ensure that medical errors are minimized for older patients to obtain safe and effective care. Thanks to good leadership, a welcoming culture, plenty of resources, efficient communication, information sharing, training, and continual learning, Kwong Wai Shiu Nursing Home implements the clinical incident sharing session program (CISSP) to address the issue. The technique benefits the organization by improving nurses’ knowledge, skills, and ability to support clinical judgment and critical thinking across service delivery.


a nursing home, sharing clinical episodes, making clinical errors, and a sharing session


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Nursing Program for Sharing Clinical Incidents in Singapore



Senior citizens in Singapore require challenging care. 19% of people in 2013 were 65 or older. The burden of care has grown due to demographic shifts like the rise in dual-income households, the breakup of extended families, and the prevalence of age-related degenerative diseases. Caring for older persons at home can be difficult for families with limited finances. Frailty, functional dependence, and the risk of falls worsen the situation for family members (Low, 2017). To ensure that their elderly loved ones receive necessary care as they age or become ill, many families choose to place them in nursing facilities. The expansion of the support system has created a need for high-quality services.

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