Posted: December 23rd, 2022

Programming assignment | Computer Science homework help

Enter Player 1’s cards: 1 S 2 S 3 S 4 S 5 S

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Player 1’s hand:

AS 2S 3S 4S 5S


Enter Player 2’s cards: 1 D 10 D 11 D 12 D 13 D

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Player 2

’s hand:




Programmer of the week


If you’d like to compete in the programmer of the week challenge, you must complete the

above part of the assignment as described. Once you get that to work, create another class,, and start to extend the poker game. If you know how

to use javafx or java.swing,

you could include graphics. You could implement betting, support multiple players, allow for

cards being dealt instead of being input by the user, handle ties, change to Texas hold ‘em, etc.

Your tutor will present your submi

ssion at our weekly meeting and we’ll vote for the top 5

submissions from each class and show those to the students to vote for the programmer of the

week. The winner will get an award, 1% extra credit added to their final grade, and be famous

for a week.

Note: we will only be looking at the running of the code, i.e.

we will not count off

for anything done in the submission.

Style Requirements

(10 pts)

Different from other assignments

You will be graded for the style of programming on this assignment.

We are adding javadoc

comments as a requirement to the assignment


Use reasonable comments

to make your code clear and




All methods must have javadoc comments

. We will be

testing this by running

“javadoc” and ensuring that the resulting documentation pages appear.


reasonable variable names

that are meaningful.

Use static final

constants to make your code as general as possible. No ha


constant va

lues inline (no magic numbers).




: There will be many cases in this homework where you want to

compare card 1 to card 2, card 2 to card 3, etc. I’m allowing you to hardcode

numbers for this.

Judicious use of blank spaces

around logical chunks


f code makes your code much

easier to read and debug.

Keep all lines

less than 80 characters



ake sure each level of indentation lines up


Every time you open a new block of code (use a ‘{‘),

indent farther by 2 spaces

. Go back

to the previous le

vel of indenting when you close the block (use a ‘}’).

Always recompile and run your program right before turning it in, just in case you

commented out some code by mistake.

Turnin Instructions

Remember the deadline to turn in your assignment is

Saturday, January 30

by 11:59pm.

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