Posted: December 22nd, 2022

Innovative leadership 8 questions | Management homework help

Please provide in your own word answers to the following questions. Each question should be 75 words or more.

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1.      Please see attachment “Skills Inventory” to answer the following questions. Are you more predisposed to technical skills, human skills or conceptual skills? How might you use these scores to your benefit? 

2.      Describe the difference between task orientation and relationship orientation as applied to leadership. Do you think you are more task oriented or relationship oriented?


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3.      Give a personal account of situational leadership that you have encountered in the workplace. Did it result in a positive outcome? Why or why not?


4.      Explain the basic fundamentals of contingency theory. Give an example of contingency theory that you have witnessed or experienced.



5.      Please read attached document “Toward a Contingency Model of Leadership and Psychological Empowerment: When Should Self-Leadership Be Encouraged?” and provide thoughts.



6.      Please read attached document “Comprehensive Leadership Review – Literature, Theories and Research” and provide thoughts.



7.      Please see attachment “Trait Theories and Behavioral Theories” and provide a short summary to be used as a review to share with the class.



8.      Please watch video TEDTalks: Stanley McChrystal: Listen, Learn…Then Lead, at the following youtube link and provide your thoughts.

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