Posted: December 22nd, 2022

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Can you see the file I sent to you first, please?( I took that file from my friend) because I was absent and After that you can see my information I put to you.

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My instructor wants me to talk and write some information about my attended, discussion, homework inside my class and outside my class of English 119. I am usually late when I go to my class in Chico center in Butte College. That was because I tried to finish my homework and sometimes because some from my family was sick. I discussion with my instructor and with my classmates in the class and out the class. I asked my friends to explan and help me to understand of some questions. In addition, I change my seat to seat next diffrent students in same my class. Moreover, I go with my instructor to special room to give me more information about my assignment ( my homework). I take all notes on the whiteboard when my instructor write something in the class. In addition, I go to my account on the blackboard on website of Butte College to see some information there my teacher put with some homework. When I write some essay or research, I go to Center Of Academic Success in Main Campus on Oroville and Chico Center to help me. There are some instructors to help students about English, Math, Accounting and other. The English tutor help me very much in Chico Center because all my class there. I usually work my homework on time. I wrote seven Annotation on class about Healthy foods and I took some information from work cited( I used seven work cited). I talked with seven to eight student in the class ,and I worked peer reviews with three to four students in my class and they give me some recommended about my research. My professor told me the participation from 50 and she told me to chooes up 35 from 50 and I chooes 40 points.

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