Posted: December 21st, 2022

Unit 1 assignment | Management homework help


Considerations in Global Expansion

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In Unit 1, you have formed a team and started the process of growing your simulation company. Your company will be introducing a new line of carbon fiber bicycles into selected markets in North America (NORAM), Latin America (LATAM), Europe, the Middle East and Africa (Europe-MEA), and Asia Pacific (APAC) regions. Four geographic markets have been selected as sites for test marketing, one in each region: New York, Rio de Janeiro, Amsterdam, and Bangalore. Each city represents a different market opportunity. The mix of customers with different potential demands will vary across each of them. You will operate as a company dedicated to the principles of Conscious Capitalism and your decision on business launch and growth will need to include an assessment of how the local governments of the selected markets adhere to these principles.

In this individual assignment, you will build a case for assessing potential growth opportunities using the simulation as a foundation for planning. This assignment takes you beyond the confines of the simulation, although you will be using the simulation as a construct. These recommendations will not directly apply to the simulation.

This assignment explores the professional skills of;

  • Global awareness
  • Awareness of ethical issues and responsibilities
  • Make ethical decisions and solve problems
  • Work effectively in teams

Assignment Goal and Thought Process

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Goal: To assess geographic locations for initial business launch and prioritizing additional opportunities for expansion opportunities for your startup company which will produce 3D printed bikes The areas under consideration are North America (NORAM), Latin America (LATAM), Europe, the Middle East and Africa (Europe-MEA), and Asia Pacific (APAC).

Thought Process: Your goal as a business leader is to make decisions that have the best chance of success so you will need to incorporate as much data as possible before making your decisions. These decisions are based on a variety of data points including, but not limited to, potential sales, profitability, cultural match to your company, conscious capitalism, government policies, and practices for business growth.

The role of government and official policies have an important impact on the growth of their nation(s). As a business committed to Conscious Capitalism, which typically is applied to business entities, you will need to understand how to apply these principles to the governments of the geographic areas you are considering. You will need to consider:

  • Can a government operate as a business?
  • How can we view governments through the lens of Conscious Capitalism to help us make our expansion recommendations? While the principles are usually applied to business, can we apply them to governments?
  • What is the culture of each country under consideration for launch and expansion and how many principle(s) of Conscious Capitalism do they follow?
  • How does this information help us make expansion recommendations if our goal is to expand to countries that have the strongest link to these principles?

If you were going to be presenting this information in a real-world situation, and requesting funds to support your plan, you would need all of this data to be seen as credible and win support for your plan.

Assignment Details

In a 4-6 page APA formatted paper excluding text, diagrams, and other visual/oral aids as appropriate, address the following:

Section 1: The principles of Conscious Capitalism are usually applied to a business, but to help us make optimal business decisions choices, you will apply them to the governments of the countries under consideration but first need to answer these questions;

  • What are the four principles of Conscious Capitalism? Describe each of the principles.
  • Should we view government as a business? What information does the research show on this topic? Present a balanced analysis covering the pros and cons of this approach. You will need to use at least three (3) scholarly sources to support your thoughts in Section 1.
  • In general, how would you use the principles of Conscious Capitalism to analyze the possible markets and their governments for launch and expansion goals?

Section 2: Research all of the markets that you can launch or expand into. The areas under consideration are North America (NORAM), Latin America (LATAM), Europe, the Middle East and Africa (Europe-MEA), and Asia Pacific (APAC)

  • Create a profile for each of these areas. Include the following information.
    • Economic data, i.e., population, Gross National Product (GDP)
    • Cultural data; i.e., Hofstede Cultural Dimensions
    • Current socio-political issues, i.e., recession, government flux or elections, which would impact your decisions
    • Which of the four principles of Conscious Capitalism are demonstrated by the government of the country?

Section 3: Recommendations for business launch and expansion. Using the results of this analysis and knowing the cultural profile your company leadership is already creating, make detailed recommendations for launch and expansion progression. This should include;

  • Include an in-depth description of your company, its products, and other relevant information to support the recommendations.
  • The logic that you are using to support your recommendations. This can include the projected sales and profit information, the links to Conscious Capitalism, any other factors which formed your recommendations.

Access all required readings (articles, videos, etc.) from the Library.

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