Posted: December 20th, 2022

6-1 discussion: popular culture and society: harry potter | Popular Culture | Southern New Hampshire University

Harry Potter 

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So far in this course, we have explored popular culture through the lenses of history, the humanities, and the natural and applied sciences. The social science lens is the last piece of the puzzle. Look back over the topics you chose to discuss in previous discussions; select one and reexamine it now through the social sciences.

Each discussion is meant to be a collaborative space for conversation in which to process the concepts within the course. To ensure an interesting and respectful discussion, you are encouraged to think creatively about your initial posts and build upon the points made by your peers. Discussing challenges that face our world often means investigating opinions and ideas different from your own. Remember to remain thoughtful and respectful towards your peers and instructor in your discussion post and replies. It is also important to review the module resources and read the prompts in their entirety before participating in the discussion.

Create one initial post and follow up with at least two response posts.

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For your initial post, address the following: 

  1. Select one topic that you wrote about in a previous discussion that you are interested in examining by using the social science lens. These topics come from your discussions about the history, humanities, and natural and applied sciences lenses.
  2. Explain how you might analyze or think about that topic from the perspective of the social science lens.
    1. Briefly describe the topic you have selected.
    2. How has the social science lens influenced your understanding of this topic?
    3. How is your topic analysis expanded or strengthened by using more than one lens? 

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