Posted: December 19th, 2022

Decision making/business management project due in 3 days, 9am est.

 Need some who can follow a grading rubric precisely and follows instructions. Attention to details is a must. Must pay close attention to details.  this is a 4 to 6 pages paper, with a questionnaire, and a minimum of 6 references APA format with in text citations from a list of course material provided. ALL REFERENCES MUST COME THE LIST PROVIDED!!!  Everything needed is attached in the files below. Must provide a plagiarism report. 

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Project 2: 20 points

Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to have you reflect on the concepts learned in this class specifically how the decision making process is improved by using models and skill building tools to bolster your ability to make decisions.

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Step One:

Retake the Week One Decision Making Questionnaire

Decision Making Questionnaire

Downloadable copy: Questionnaire


Step Two: Answer the Following Questions

4 to 6 page minimum, minimum of 6 references with in text citations and websites from course material provided.


  • *Compare your results from week one (make      up weak one results). Are there any changes in your responses? If      so identify the changes and explain why you think your answer      changed.
  • *Identify questions asked in the quiz that      reflect the skills needed to make decisions well and explain why.
  • *Using the class material and      your scores from this week what decision making skills do      you need improving and why?
  • *Using the material from      class, create a “decision fit” plan that would suggest at      least 4 specific ways or methods that will help you to improve the      skills you have identified as needing improvement. Include the reasoning      behind the suggestions made in the plan.

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