Posted: December 18th, 2022

Write a replay about a reflection

just write a replay about a reflection post,  write an opinion where you agree or disagree and why ? 

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 the post : ” 

The world can be defined in terms of the cultural orientations that govern people’s daily lives and their general perspectives on life. Consequently, the main purpose of education is to identify and shape the cultural orientation of a particular group. From the assigned readings it became clear that the major cultural orientations in the world are the individualistic western ideology and the collectivist eastern orientations. The Western education, therefore, is said to adhere to the individualist perspective based on the Socratic principles of independent analysis and self-reflection as opposed to the eastern Confucian principles of the collective approach to issues, with great emphasis on the moral development of an individual. Hau and Ho (2008) argue that socio-cultural orientations shape the education of a particular society. Hence the only way one could successfully change their society would be through education. In my opinion, education is meant to change people’s outlook towards life and also shape their character and the way they relate with one another. Thus, I agree with Hau and Ho’s opinion considering the role of education.

Moreover, socio-cultural trends also determine the way the minorities are treated, like the black and Hispanic people in the USA who are perpetually made to suffer under racism due to the biased educational theories conceived from the racists’ point of view (Yosso, 2005). In this regard, I would like to add that people’s educational system reveals their aspirations, hence the agitation of the people of color and the Chicano in the USA for better representation in their education system. For a group to fully feel like a part of the society, the educational system should incorporate their ideals and aspirations in life. Alternative educational traditions can transform urban education by refocusing on the traditional values of respective groups represented by the educational system. Conclusively, this shift from the traditional literacy would empower an individual by inculcating in them a sense of pride and identity.”

for example someone replayed with this post : ” I totally agree that we need a more interdisciplinary and culturally sensitive approach to education in our country. Not only are blacks and hispanics impacted by this westernized framework of education, but people of color worldwide. There was a portion in the first article that spoke about Native Americans and how they’ve in a sense become extinct in traditional U.S. education. Their efforts and contributions to the establishment are not widely referenced or even spoken about. They are hidden in the archives in a sense, and when they are mentioned, its in small scale or not a true depiction of what their culture represents. As an African-American man, brought up in America’s poor public schooling system, I know what it’s like to suffer and feel pain because everywhere you look you see no one similar to yourself in positions of power or leadership. I know what its like to peruse through an entire textbook without seeing many people who share your inheritance. It truly sucks and greatly diminishes your excitement to learn. It was not until I reached a university level until I began to truly learn about my heritage and deeply take interest in what I was learning. I feel as though, through course like this discovered a level of forbidden knowledge and its so enticing. It makes me want to learn as much as possible to make up for lost time and I am sure many of my peers could attest to this fact. As you mentioned above, representation is and will forever be extremely important. We have some work to do in America regarding education. “

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