Posted: December 18th, 2022

Ex16_ac_ch07_grader_cap_hw – human resources | Computer Science homework help

 EX16_AC_CH07_GRADER_CAP_HW – Human Resources

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Project Description:

The Human Resources Department asked you to assist them in updating the database they are using. The department requires a form that can be used to find information but not change information. In addition, you will enhance an existing form and generate a report showing which employees report to each supervisor 


Start   Access. Open the file named exploring_a07_grader_h1_Prices.accdb.

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Select   the Employees table and use the Form tool to create a new form. Change the   title to View Employees.   Delete the Orders subform.


Change   the Allow Edits, Allow Additions, and Allow Deletions settings to No. View   the form and data in Form view. Save the form as View Employees.


Create a new table in table design   view. Name the first field Country   and ensure the field is set as the primary key. Switch to Datasheet view,   saving the table as Countries.   Enter two records, UK   and USA (in that order). Close the table.


Open   the Update Employees form in Design view. Change the Country field to a Combo   Box. Set the Row Source to Countries and the Limit To List property to Yes.


Fix   the tab order so the Postal Code field comes immediately before the Country   field. Save and close the form.


Open   the View Employees form in Design view. Add a new label control in the   left-side of the form footer that displays the text Personnel information is considered private and printouts   should be shredded after use (do not include a period). Change the   font color to Black, Text 1 and bold the text. Save and close the form.


Create   a new report using the Report Wizard based on the Employees table. Select the   FirstName, LastName, HireDate, and HomePhone fields, in that order. Accept   all other default options.


Switch   to Layout view. Add grouping by the ReportsTo field. Switch to Design view.   Switch the option to with a footer section in the Group, Sort, and Total   pane. Use the pane to also display the count of the First Name field in the   Group Footer section.


Add   an Insert Page Break control at the bottom of the ReportsTo footer. Decrease   the size of the Home Phone field label, by dragging the right border of the   control so it lines up with the 6-inch mark on the horizontal ruler. Ensure   that the label width is set to as close to 1.08 inches as possible. 


Add   a new Text Box control to the right of the HomePhone text box. Use the   Tabular button in the Table group of the Arrange tab to place it correctly.   Change the label for the field to Years Employed.


Add   a formula in the text box to calculate the number of years (not days) since   the employee’s hire date, assuming the current date   is #12/31/2017#. Format the field as Standard with 1   decimal place. Save and close the report.


Close   the database, and submit the file as instructed.

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