Posted: December 16th, 2022

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According to the attachment theory, if the primary caregiver is open-minded enough, a child’s first six months of life would be defined by developing a strong emotional bond with that person. This paradigm analyzes how people (as opposed to species as a whole) and individuals (each of us individually) deal with, express, and manage their emotions. It is based on research by British psychologist John Bowlby.

Attachment is the term used to describe your baby’s sense of safety and assurance that you will always be there to meet her needs. Her early experiences with an attachment may help predict her future social adjustment in a big way (Bruceet al.,2021). Strong attachments between infants and their primary caregivers help them cope with scary experiences and strange surroundings. Thanks to it, she’ll grow up to be a self-assured, inquisitive, and pleasant child. As she gets older, she will become more adept at controlling her emotions, urges, and social behavior.

Giving parents pictures of their infant could foster a positive link between them and their child. On the incubator’s front panel, ensure the baby’s initial name is visible. Parents may receive a weekly card with height, weight, and length measures. Ensure parents have the staff members’ names and the NICU’s phone numbers (Barr, 2020). Your grandparents and siblings are welcome to stop by. It is a good idea to involve the child’s parents in decision-making. Give specifics about an infant’s behavior traits if they are premature. Make sure parents can engage in meaningful interactions with their kids. They should get to know one another better so that they let the parents “room in” with the baby.

Because a patient’s attachment is influenced mainly by what their parents do, the nurse should motivate them to get involved. The value of quality time spent with your baby while he is still a baby cannot be overstated (Donget al., 2021). You can hold him while you sing to him, read to him, smile at him, and do any of these other things. The most significant person in his life is you. He only has to be in your presence to feel like he’s in a “safe place.”

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Parents are taught to be sympathetic and attentive during the crucial first year of a baby’s existence. She can trust you to fulfill her requests if you listen to her cries and signals. She wants to be sure that she can count on you to give her support, sustenance, and a sense of safety. She can concentrate on other facets of her life that are essential to her growth since she has a support structure.

It is crucial to remind parents to speak in an age-appropriate manner. You may feel worn out as a new parent. However, his acceptance of your responses is necessary for his emotional and social development. Therefore, keep a positive attitude and supportive tone despite exhaustion (Negri, 2018). Be aware that every interaction you have with him is a lesson in training him to control his actions and emotions.


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