Posted: December 15th, 2022

Final project | Criminal homework help

Your final project will involve creating an infographic on how racial disparities, equity, and/or injustice affect one area of the justice system. The infographic should be centered on one of the segments of the justice system we studied in the course this semester (e.g., juvenile justice, policing, courts, corrections, sentencing, capital punishment). For this assignment, you are asked to use these graphics to dispel commonly shared mis- and dis-information you have seen on social media and/or the news about racial/ethnic, injustice/justice, and equity as it relates to the selected area of the justice system.

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You are welcome to create your own infographic using whatever software platform you prefer (e.g., word, powerpoint, photoshop, etc.). You may also find many infographic templates and ideas online by searching google, or recommended websites such as canva.comor that allow you to edit existing templates for free.

The goals of this project are to 1) debunk common misconceptions about race and ethnicity in the justice system; 2) use data, science, and facts to support your position/demonstrate the level, type, scope, and/or impact of racial disparity in the selected segment of the justice system; and 3) create a visually appealing product that you could share in online platforms.


Steps/Tips for Success

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  • Read the “What is an infographic Links to an external site.” link to get inspiration
    • Think about the goal(s) of your infographic
  • Select a segment of the justice system on which you will focus
  • Think about/look for some common misperceptions and/or misinformation related to race and ethnicity in the selected segment of the justice system
  • Identify at least two empirical sources that will inform your infographic
    • You may use materials presented in class to help you find sources/statistics
  • Identify 2-3 key statistics you will feature in your infographic
    • Do not try to do too much, focus on making one or two points well
  • Look for examples to provide inspiration for your infographic
  • Use data to support your key points
  • Use text to provide context for the statistics you highlight
  • Be creative

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