Posted: December 12th, 2022

The percent increase or decrease problems, the portion is


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1. If 8G = 96, then G equals

A. 12.

B. 21.

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C. –21.

D. –12.


2. In the percent increase or decrease problems, the portion is


A. 1∕2 the original price

B. the amount of increase or decrease

C. the new price

D. the original price


3. In Johnson Corporation, the first shift produced 81∕2 times as many lightbulbs as the second shift. If the

total lightbulbs produced was 24,700, how many lightbulbs were produced on shift 2?


A. 22,010

B. 2,600

C. 22,100

D. 6,200


4. The price of an iPod dropped from $299.99 to $180.55. What was the percent decrease in price?

(Round to nearest hundredth percent.)


A. 39%

B. 39.81%

C. 39.82%

D. 39.80%


6. Al Resse and Marci Rey received a total of $210,000 from a deceased relative’s estate. They decided to put away $50,000 in a trust for their child and divide the remainder into 1∕4 for Marci and 3∕4 for Al. How much will Al receive?


A. $120,000

B. $10,000

C. $32,000

D. $40,000


7. On Tuesday, Pizza Hut sold 60 plain pizzas at $5 each; 20 meatball pizzas at $8 each; 25 Sicilian pizzas

at $9 each; and 33 large crust supremes at $10 each. What were the total dollar sales for Pizza Hut on Tuesday?


A. $1,015

B. $790

C. $1,115

D. $1,511


8. Which of the following is not a prime number?

A. 5

B. 19

C. 24

D. 11

9. A machine at Staples photocopies 121∕4 pages per minute. If the machine runs 700 minutes, how many pages will be photocopied?

A. 7,850

B. 8,750

C. 8,575

D. 5,875


10. The bank statement of July 31 for Savon Co. showed a balance of $6,008.10, and the checkbook

showed a balance of $1,900.40. The bookkeeper of Savon Co. noticed from the bank statement that the

bank had collected a note for $666.66. There was a deposit in transit made on July 1 for $1,100.10 along

with the outstanding checks of $4,580.54. Check charges were $39.40. What is the reconciled balance?


A. $5,272.66

B. $5,227.66

C. $2,527.66

D. $2,572.66

11. The sales tax in Bill’s state is 6%. Bill bought a Scion having a sales tax of $820. What was the cost of

the car? Round to the nearest dollar.


A. $13,665

B. $13,668

C. $13,666

D. $13,667


12. 750 is what percent of 900? (Round to nearest tenth of a percent.)


A. 83.3%

B. 16.6%

C. 16.66%

D. 83.33%


13. If P + 77 = 101, then P equals


A. 24.

B. 42.

C. 178.

D. 22.


14. Pumpkins at a local farm sell for $.49 per pound. Jim Ring spent $73.50. How many pounds of pumpkins did he purchase?


A. 100

B. 510

C. 110

D. 150


15. The price of a baseball ticket at Yankee Stadium increased by 21∕4 over the last three years. If the

original price of a ticket was $60, what is the price of the ticket today?


A. $135

B. $195

C. $150

D. $153



A. 97,000.

B. 970,000.

C. 9,700.

D. 9,700,000.


17. What is the first task in using the step approach to finding the greatest common divisor?


A. Divide the remainder into the divisor.

B. Divide the larger number into the smaller number.

C. Use the observation method.

D. Divide the numerator into the denominator.


18. NorthShoreCommunity College reimburses faculty members $.298 cents per mile to go to a workshop. Professor Wales submitted her travel log for a total of 650.11 miles. What reimbursement can Professor Wales expect? (Round to the nearest cent.)


A. $193.71

B. $193.73

C. $193.72

D. $193.70


19. 170% converted to a fraction equals


A. 7∕10.

B. 17∕10.

C. 70∕100.

D. 170∕1000.


20. At Best Buy a flat screen television with a regular price of $1,790 was reduced by $395. Assuming 800 customers purchased the television, what were the total sales to Best Buy?


A. $1,116,000

B. $1,161,000

C. $116,000

D. $1,160


21. What are the three types of check endorsements used to deposit checks into a bank account?


A. Business endorsement, personal endorsement, and restrictive endorsement

B. Blank endorsement, full endorsement, and restrictive endorsement

C. Blank endorsement, in-person endorsement, and mobile endorsement

D. Company endorsement, full endorsement, and individual endorsement


22. Joe Jackson worked 8 hours on Monday, 41∕4 hours on Tuesday, 61∕8 hours on Wednesday, 71∕4 hours on Thursday, and 81∕8 hours on Friday. Calculate the total number of hours Joe worked for the week.


A. 35

B. 323∕4

C. 331∕8

D. 333∕4




23. During the great recession that began in January 2008, average weekly claims for unemployment were 420,000. The normal weekly average during full employment is 122,000. How many more people were filing for unemployment in January 2008?


A. 288,000

B. 542,000

C. 298,000

D. 400,000


24. Lane is 10 times Mel’s age. If the difference in their age is 27, how old is Mel?


A. 26

B. 4

C. 3

D. 30


25. Round all the way 2,689.


A. 2,790

B. 2,680

C. 3,000

D. 3,680



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