Posted: December 12th, 2022

A+ answers | Electrical Engineering homework help

1. If a 2:1 transformer has a 220 VAC input, a voltage test at the primary winding should produce a meter reading of
A. 0 VAC.
B. 110 VAC.
C. 220 VAC.
D. 440 VAC.
2. A circuit contains four 100 Ω resistors connected in series. If you test the circuit with a digital VOM, you should read a total resistance value of
A. 100 Ω.
B. 250 Ω.
C. 400 Ω.
D. 1,000 Ω.
3. What type of circuit measurement is made by placing a meter’s leads in parallel with a deenergized component?
A. Current
B. Resistance
C. Voltage
D. Power
4. When you measure _______ with a multimeter, you must break open the circuit and connect the meters test leads in series with the other circuit components.
A. current
B. resistance
C. power
D. voltage
5. The allowable amount of difference in resistance between a resistor’s true resistance and its labeled resistance is called the
A. continuity.
B. tolerance.
C. specification.
D. potential.
6. A high-voltage probe should always be used whenever you measure voltages near or above
A. 100 VAC or VDC.
B. 500 VAC or VDC.
C. 750 VAC or VDC.
D. 1,000 VAC or VDC.
7. A resistance test that’s used to determine whether a circuit is complete or open is called a
A. short circuit test.
B. start-up or inrush test.
C. continuity test.
D. comparison test.
8. A current value of 0.000005 A is equal to
A. 5 μA.
B. 50 μA.
C. 5 mA.
D. 50 mA.
9. If the resistance reading on a VOM’s meter face is 22.5 Ω and the range selector switch is set to the R × 100 range, what is the actual measured resistance of the circuit?
A. 225 Ω
B. 2.25 kΩ
C. 22.5 kΩ
D. 2.25 MΩ
10. A circuit contains a 40 Ω resistor and a 60 Ω resistor connected in parallel. If you test this circuit with a digital VOM, you should read a total resistance value of
A. 2.5 Ω.
B. 24 Ω.
C. 40 Ω.
D. 2,400 Ω.
11. What feature on a digital VOM is used to override or defeat the autoranging function?
A. The range selection lock feature
B. The minimum/maximum feature
C. The touch/hold feature
D. The delta feature
12. Imagine that you’re performing measurements on a circuit with a multimeter. You measure a total circuit current of 2 A, and the circuit is powered by a 24 V power supply. What total resistance value would you expect to measure in the circuit?
A. 2 Ω
B. 12 Ω
C. 24 Ω
D. 48 Ω
13. What feature of a digital VOM allows you to connect the test probes in the circuit, remove the probes, and then read the measured value on the display?
A. The minimum/maximum feature
B. The diode tester
C. The delta feature
D. The touch/hold feature
14. A circuit contains a 10 Ω resistor, a 50 Ω resistor, and an 80 Ω resistor connected in parallel. If you test this circuit with a digital VOM, you should read a total resistance value of
A. 0.13 Ω.
B. 7.55 Ω.
C. 75 Ω.
D. 140 Ω.
15. A circuit contains a 12 V power supply (a DC battery) and two 100 Ω resistors that are connected in series. What total current value would you expect to measure in this circuit?
A. 0.06 A
B. 0.12 A
C. 8.33 A
D. 16.67 A
16. If a meter’s range selection switch is set to the R × 10 range and the meter reading is 22 Ω, what is the actual measured resistance of the circuit?
A. 2.2 Ω
B. 22 Ω
C. 220 Ω
D. 2,200 Ω
17. A low-resistance path in a circuit, commonly called a _______, can cause a circuit breaker to trip.
A. closed circuit
B. short circuit
C. parallel connection
D. series connection
18. A _______ is a three-terminal variable resistor that’s often used to adjust motor speed.
A. limit switch
B. transformer
C. transducer
D. potentiometer
19. One watt of electrical power is produced when
A. one ampere of current flows due to an applied voltage of one volt.
B. work is done to move electrons with respect to time.
C. a conducting path is present between two opposing electrical charges.
D. electrical pressure is present in a circuit.
20. A voltage that has been stepped down is measured across the output terminals of a
A. conductor.
B. transformer.
C. relay.
D. lampholder.

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