Posted: December 11th, 2022

Personal reflection global leadership preparedness

Write a response to this answer posted below. 1 full page

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Review the Global Mindset model in our materials this week.  Look at each of the 9 dimensions and 35 underlying capabilities.  Reflect on your level of readiness for global leadership using these as a point of reference.


According to Javidan & Walker (2012), there are three core capitals that make up the global mindset, intellectual capital, psychological capital, and social capital. Underneath these capitals, there are nine dimensions, three for each capital, that are broken down further into 36 capabilities. I attempted to find the Global Mindset Inventory (GMI) to truly assess my skillset, but I could not find it. Bird & Stevens (2018) explain the GMI to be a self-evaluation where respondents answer based on a 5-point scale.

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Starting with the first capital, intellectual capital is broken down into global business savvy, cognitive complexity, and a cosmopolitan outlook. From an intellectual capital perspective, I am severely lacking in the global business savvy department. I am not aware of the included capabilities like marketing strategies, how to manage risk, or understand supplier options for organizations in other countries (Javidan & Walker, 2012). I simply do not have enough knowledge in the business processes in other countries. I am little better with a cosmopolitan outlook dimension because I have geography and cultural knowledge. However, I could improve on my political and historical knowledge, though that knowledge would be easy to increase. I am very strong in the cognitive complexity dimension because I practice problem solving, understand abstract ideas, and explain complex issues daily in my current job. I understand that there are many complexities to cultures that may take time and experience to understand, if ever.    

The second capital, psychological capital, is broken down into passion for diversity, quest for adventure, and self-assurance (Javidan & Walker, 2012). I am very strong in all dimensions of this capital. I am genuinely interested in learning about other people from different parts of the world, willing to deal unpredictable situations, energetic, and self-confident. I consider this the motivational aspect of the global mindset ideology because it has more to do with the person’s willingness to discover and experience the unknown (Bird & Stevens, 2018).

The third capital, social capital, is broken down into intercultural empathy, interpersonal impact, and diplomacy (Javidan & Walker, 2012). Gooderham and Stensaker (2015) explain that social capital facilitates knowledge sharing because it strengthens relationships and stimulates discussions. I have a drive for this aspect of global leadership and what caused me to look to the global leadership degree initially. In terms of the GMI, I would rate myself at a midway point because some areas I do well in and others could use improvement. I have an aptitude for reading nonverbal communication and like to think that I can create positive environments emotionally for people, specifically from other cultures. I do not have much experience in the interpersonal impact dimension because I do not have a reputation as a global leader and do not have a network of people from other cultures, though I want to. I would like to think I would do well within the diplomacy realm because I like talking to people from other cultures and am genuinely interested in hearing their experiences.  

Bird, A., & Stevens, M. J. (2018). Assessing global leadership competencies. In Mendenhall, M. E., Osland, J. S., Bird, A., Oddou, G. R., Stevens, M. J., Maznevski, M. L., & Stahl, G. K. (Eds). Global Leadership: Research, Practice and Development (pp.143-175). Routledge Taylor & Francis Group.

Gooderham, P.N., & Stensaker, I.G. (2015). Designing global leadership development programmes that promote social capital and knowledge sharing. European Journal of International Management, 6(4), 442-462.

Javidan, M., & Walker, J. L. (2012). A whole new global mindset for leadership. People & Strategy35(2), 36–41.

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