Posted: December 10th, 2022

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Reply to the post below ( I bold below). Of all the groups considered in your two posts,
which group do you think will pose a larger challenge for you in the classroom? Why? What will
YOU do about this challenge?

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The top paragraph of each question is about ELs students, and the bottom paragraph is for autistic student. 

 1.a) The teacher is trained to create a lesson plan that helps the students improve their vocabulary, ability to understand, and student knowledge of the common content areas. The common subjects are math, reading, writing, social studies, and visual art. For the lessons to be easily applied in their classrooms, teachers should provide comprehensive lessons that cover a small number of high-effect learning approaches throughout the day (Vaughn, 2022).

b) The autistic student has difficulty with socialization, especially when engaging in and responding to behaviors. The autism students have a hard time with verbal initiations and interacting with the teacher and their peers, including asking questions, answering, and making comments. They might not keep up with the conversation or lesson, so sometimes they will have comments that go off-topic (Sutton., 2022).

  1. a) Teacher instruction needs to be scaffolding that meets the diverse needs in the classroom. By providing teachers with opportunities to apply their skills and knowledge, they will see an improvement in students’ outcomes (Vaughn, 2022). Improve student outcomes in vocabulary and content learning by increasing teachers’ knowledge of teaching approaches and classroom resources, influencing how those practices are used in content learning, or how to implement a set of evidence-based teaching approaches faithfully in the classroom  (Vaughn, 2022). The teacher can use pictures and videos in the lesson plan and create many opportunities for the students to interact with their peers by working on problem-solving and extending their knowledge. The school district needs to find a way to support the EL students because they do not have English abilities like native speakers and provide equal opportunities for EL students. ( Links to an external site.). I can recognize the EL students on the first day of class by looking at their schedules. I will check their schedule on the first day of class to ensure the students are in the right class, and I will look through their schedules to see if they enroll in any special class. My ethical obligations to the EL students will be respectful and create a lesson plan that meets their learning needs. 

b) The teacher will need to include communication throughout the day with all subjects. The teacher will need to pair autistic students with typical students, and they will have the opportunity to talk and share about anything that is in the book or what they write or draw. After that, the teacher needs to give feedback about their work or something that they discuss. The way that I’m sure that student is diagnosed with Autism spectrum disorder because they will have the results from Education Department  (Sutton., 2022). The autistic student is protected by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). They have the right to be in the same classroom with students who do not have disabilities and follow the same curriculum. ( Links to an external site.) My ethical obligation for the autism student is to not feel sorry for them and have lower expectations for them. I must set high goals for all the children and treat them equally. 

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  1. a) For EL students, their parents might not understand English. The teacher needs to use google translate to communicate with the parent by sending emails or sending letters to the parents. I will keep an update on the student’s process to the parents and explain my plan in a professional way. 

3. b) The teacher can find a way to communicate with the parents or caregiver about how she/he can help their autistic child. Parents, teachers,s and therapists need to sit down and talk seriously about how to help the autistic child in the classroom without distracting curriculum objectives. The teacher can learn new strategies to apply to a specific student and help them improve their social communication skills (Sutton., 2022).

4. a) The website can be a tool for students to practice their reading skills. They can listen to the article, or they can read it by themselves. For each article, they will tell us when it was published, word counts, recommended for what ages, and the text level. The website allows us to change the Lexile level. The lower level will give us simple vocabulary, and the high level will give us more challenging vocabulary. The teacher can create classes and share the article with google classroom or copy links. This is a great website to teach EL students because most of the regular new articles will have language that is pretty advanced, and hard for them to understand the whole article. The teacher can use this website for multiple subjects.

b) The Puppet Pals app can be downloaded on Ipad. It is an app where we can create and record animated interactive storytelling cartoons. We can choose the character and background from the puppet pale catalog. We can take photos and upload them, or we can use the image that is on the app. Teachers can use this app to help with interactive storytelling and make it like a movie. Students can use puppet Pals to create their own story and share it with the whole class, they need time to learn how to use the app, but it is fun. 


Vaughn, S., Swanson, E., Fall, A.-M., Roberts, G., Capin, P., Stevens, E. A., & Stewart, A. A. (2022). The efficacy of comprehension and vocabulary focused professional development on English learners’ literacy. Journal of Educational Psychology, 114(2), 257–272. to an external site.

Sutton, B. M., Westerveld, M. F., & Webster, A. A. (2022). Classroom teachers’ implementation of the social stations intervention to improve the verbal initiations and responses of students with autism. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, 52(3), 1268–1282. to an external site.


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