Posted: December 9th, 2022

Reaction paper 1 | BEHV 3740 | Savannah State University


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Write a reaction paper to the scenario approved for you in a word document and upload that document to the dropbox. See description and grading rubric below. Reaction papers should be 4-5 pages typed, double-spaced, APA style, excluding references. They should briefly summarize the ethical dilemmas in the case, and what players experienced the dilemmas. Provide an analysis of the contingencies that may have been responsible for the behavior of the key players. In other words, outline the ethical framework.You must indicate all the ethical codes violated. Recommend a course of action to resolve the dilemmas (be sure to consider all players/stakeholders at risk). Include the necessary details for implementation and follow-up.


I am an Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) program super-visor. I have a preschooler who really needs lots of inter-vention. The family insists on mixing and matching approaches [e.g., floor time, gluten free and other diets, sensory integration]. This cuts down on the available ABA time to 10 hours. I don’t feel that this is enough time but have been unsuccessful so far in convincing the parents. Should I drop this child from our ABA program or give what I believe is a treatment that is insufficient?

DUE 10/28/22 @1:30 PM EST 

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