Posted: December 8th, 2022

Module 5 mini essay exam


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You will submit your first mini essay fact pattern Assignment answer in this module. The mini-essay fact pattern addresses intentional torts only. You are being tested on your ability to spot issues, frame issues, articulate rules of law, apply rules of law to a fact pattern, and reach conclusions.

Assignment Directions

Click on the link and print out the mini essay fact pattern so you can make notes and mark up your paper. In this Assignment, you will draft an outline for your answer, answer the question using the proper format, and complete the self-assessment. There is no specific page limit or recommendation for this Assignment. Put your name, student ID, and the name of the Assignment (Module 5 Mini Essay Exam) at the top of the page in your document. This is a CLOSED BOOK ASSIGNMENT. Do not use your notes, outlines, books, or any other resource to complete this exam.

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  1. Download the fact pattern: Fact Pattern Document
  2. Draft an exam outline for the mini essay.
  3. Answer the mini essay question using the proper format.
  4. Complete the self-assessment.

Grading and Points

This Assignment is due at the end of Module 5 and is worth 75 points. View the grading rubric.

Submitting Your Assignment
When you are ready to submit your Assignment, click on the Assignments link at the top of the screen and select the Module 5 Assignment Dropbox.

This Assignment addresses the following Module outcomes:

  • Identify issues and relevant facts in a torts fact pattern.
  • Apply intentional torts law to solve a torts fact pattern.
  • Use IRAC format to answer a torts fact pattern.

This Assignment also addressed the following course outcomes:

CL600-4: Identify legal issues raised by fact scenarios.

CL600-5: Identify governing rules and principles that apply to fact scenarios.

CL600-6: Analyze fact scenarios to explain the arguments parties would likely make regarding potential claims/charges and defenses.

CL600-7: Predict the resolution of fact scenarios based on assessment of the relative strength of competing arguments.

CL600-8: Use IRAC format to write in a clear, organized, professional manner.

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