Posted: December 8th, 2022

Complete the assignment for flvs module 5.04 “an engaging perspective”

Please follow the directions as indicated in the lesson. Go to FLVS 5.04 page 9 and click “instructions.”  You will see the following:

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05.04 An Engaging Perspective

You will complete a worksheet on the rising action, climax, and falling action in your novel or short story.
View the grading rubric as you complete your assignment. This is your guide to a super submission.

  1. Select the 05.04 Novel/Short Story Analysis Worksheet. (See attached below)
  2. Important: Immediately save the worksheet to your computer or drive.
  3. On the worksheet, use complete sentences to answer the questions based on your short story. You may use any of the short stories attached below, selections 5 – 8 in the Reading Guide Choices.
  4. Save your work to your computer or drive.
  5. Submit your work in 05.04 An Engaging Perspective.
  • If you cannot save your worksheet, you can type the information into a document and submit.

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