Posted: December 8th, 2022

5 minute slide show presentation


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Create a five-minute presentation with an audio recording. This presentation will combine visual media and written and recorded text on a slide. You also have to provide an outline of your presentation on one of the slides. 

The presentation must choose ONE of the regions we have discussed this semester. Create a presentation discussing:

  1. In what ways has physical geography shaped the development of a particular civilization? Look at the political, social, cultural, and economic structures.

**Topic Will Be The North American Region Hopewell Culture**

 How You Will Be Assessed:

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Successful assignments will be assessed on whether or not the presentations meet the following criteria:

  • The presentation will be five minutes long.
  • You will use a minimum of THREE academic sources to inform your research.
  • You will have a minimum of eight slides that include the following Introduction of the topic and region.
  • Outline of your presentation.
  • Discussion of the topic: at least six slides.
  • One slide explaining why or why not the study of history is important to become informed citizens.
  • One slide explains how understanding the motivations behind past cultures helps us understand world events today.
  • You have to provide an audio recording for each slide. If there is no audio, I will take 10 points off right away. 

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