Posted: December 7th, 2022

Week 2 assignment | Telecommunications Engineering homework help

I attached the article and an example as well.


This assignment requires that you select one of the mandatory reading resources assigned for either Week 1 or Week 2 and deconstruct it into its primary elements, namely:

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  • The Research Question;
  • The Thesis;
  • The Claims or argument;
  • The Evidence or supporting facts; and,
  • The Conclusion(s)

1. After you choose the scholarly resource (from among the Week 1 or Week 2 required readings), download it into a Microsoft Word document. Locate the elements by annotating with the “highlight” tool and/or using the Comments tool (available on the “Review” tab on the top of the page) to provide remarks in the margins.

2. Briefly critique the article by identifying both its strong elements and those that were less compelling.

3. Finally, assess this resource’s utility to you after you have broken it down through this deconstruction process and understand the argument and facts that the author used to support his/her claims. You may write at the bottom of the article itself or provide your answers in a separate Word document. Your critique should be no longer than a single double-spaced written page.

Please provide a complete citation for your chosen resource in either Bluebook or APA format (do not mix the two styles).THIS EXERCISE WILL PREPARE YOU TO WRITE YOUR OWN PAPERS AND ARTICLES!THERE WILL BE AN EXAMPLE IN THE CONTENT SECTION.When you have completed your exercise, please title it NameW3.doc and upload it in the Assignments module.

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Make sure to look at this example: Corporate Warriors. (attached)

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