Posted: December 7th, 2022

Nbst 515 exam 3 (2020) a+


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  1. According to Elwell, who was the scholar who, at the beginning of the 20th century, surveyed more than two hundred “lives of Jesus” composed by scholars on a quest of the historical Jesus and convincingly showed that the “Jesus” they found was more a reflection of their own ideas than the real Jesus?
  2. According to Elwell, which of the following is a criterion of authenticity used by scholars to find Jesus’s authentic words?
  3. According to the presentations, the “General Epistles” are all written to specific persons or locations.
  4. According to the presentations, James, Jesus’ half-brother, is believed to be the author of the Epistle of James.
  5. According to the presentations, Hebrews attests to the Jewishness of early Christianity.
  6. According to the presentations, the Ur-Gospel theory says that an early Aramaic version of the Gospel formed the basis of the Greek versions of the first three Gospels we have today.
  7. According to Elwell, the Epistle of James was most likely written to a Gentile audience.
  8. According to Elwell, the prevailing view, for over a thousand years, of the interrelationship of the four Gospels was the canonical order (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John), and it is attributed to
  9. According to Elwell, the notion that the analysis of the literary units (totaling about 1,165) that comprise the Gospels were only subjected to analysis in the modern period is discredited by the existence of the Eusebian Canons.
  10. According to the presentations, the “General Epistles” are distinguished by the fact that they are some of the few letters of the New Testament not written by Paul. 
  11. According to the presentations, which New Testament epistle is comprised of an elaborate theological reflection on the superiority of Christ and his sacrifice?
  12. According to Elwell, one of the arguments against Pauline authorship of Hebrews is that it is written in a Greek style that seems different from Paul’s.
  13. According to Elwell, the term “historical criticism” can be used in one of two ways: careful analysis or radical skepticism.
  14. According to the presentations, when a storyteller steps outside the story to address the audience itself, it is called an “aside.”
  15. According to the presentations, the three major theories relied upon by scholars to account for the Synoptic Problem are oral tradition, an Ur-Gospel, and literary interdependence.
  16. According to Elwell, the word “hermeneutics” refers to the theory and practice of interpretation.
  17. According to the presentations, the individual scenes, or stories, within the Gospels are referred to by scholars as “pericopae.”
  18. According to Elwell, the Epistle of James echoes Jesus’s teachings at several points, especially the Sermon on the Mount.
  19. According to the presentations, the Synoptic Gospels are Matthew, Mark, and John.
  20. According to Elwell, the letter “Q” was employed by scholars to refer to the approximately 230 verses that Matthew and Luke have in common, but which are not found in Mark.



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