Posted: December 7th, 2022

Final | Social Science homework help


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use statistics facts numbers to support 

(Approx.  8-10 pages, single-spaced)
Time Expectation: 18-20 Hours

  • Original research including readings, interviews, site visits and any data analysis
    (8 hours)
  • Synthesizing, writing, drafting and designing of the final document
    (10-12 hours)

A data-driven operational plan for a specific and unique urban issue

The main assignment for this class is the development of an operational plan for a data-driven policy and program reform in one government department/agency (e.g. public safety, transportation) or nonprofit (e.g. the Red Cross or Rockefeller Foundation). The emphasis must be on reforming an existing program with new ideas (i.e. avoid suggesting the creation of a new department, but rather something that can be implemented within the current structure with organizational changes.). You will identify an area that has potential for significant impact. Focus could be on on specific or combinations of the following:

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  • Planning process
  • Culture change and training
  • Partnership management
  • Data management or technological implementation
  • Organizational structure
  • Community engagement

The plan must be related to existing efforts, assessment of the department or nonprofit, and identification of at least one new technology or platform to be applied. 

The plan should also include an assessment of impact to communities; race and equity; and examples of similar reform plans from other agencies, cities, or organizations. The core elements of the plan will be developed in a series of parts, based on the modules of the course and should encapsulate discussion questions, various writing assignments and original research that you will conduct independently.

Attached are some A grade examples and related previous work:

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