Posted: December 7th, 2022

Executive summary | Computer Science homework help

You do not have to go into great detail about specific technologies or costs. Your executive summary will be no longer than 2 pages.  In it you must describe these 8 factors:

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The Problem: What is it that this MIS system is going to fix?Who has the problem?

The Need:  Who will this MIS system help and why?

The CompanyWhat is the company where this MIS system going to be?  What is the industry this company participates in? Who does this company compete with?  Does this new system fit with the company’s mission statement?

The Solution: How is it going to fix the problem? What are you going to do deliver to fix the problem?  How is this solution going to set you apart from the competition?

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The Market: Who will this affect? Is there a market for this? Can this system possible be sold to another market for a similar purpose?

The Competition: Who are your competitors? Do they have a similar system? Will this help your ROI?

The Technology and Delivery: What is the technology you will need? How will it be delivered? Who will be using it? 

The People and the Plan: Who is going to execute the plan and why should we put our faith in them? How long will this system take before it is fully operational? Can it be phased in?


Include any other categories and information that would make an executive want to implement your plan!


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