Posted: December 7th, 2022

Cash flows and financial statements at sunset boards, inc. sunset

Cash Flows and Financial Statements at Sunset Boards, Inc.

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Sunset Boards is a small company that manufactures and sells surfboards in Malibu. Tad Marks, the founder of the company, is in charge of the design and sale of the surfboards, but his background is in surfing, not business. As a result, the com¬pany’s financial records are not well maintained.

The initial investment in Sunset Boards was provided by Tad and his friends and family. Because the initial investment was relatively small, and the company has made surfboards only for its own store, the investors haven’t required detailed financial statements from Tad. But thanks to word of mouth among professional surfers, sales have picked up recently, and Tad is considering a major expansion. His plans include open¬ing another surfboard store in Hawaii, as well as supplying his “sticks” (surfer lingo for boards) to other sellers.

Tad’s expansion plans require a significant investment, which he plans to finance with a combination of additional funds from outsiders plus some money borrowed from banks. Naturally, the new investors and creditors require more orga¬nized and detailed financial statements than Tad has previ¬ously prepared. At the urging of his investors, Tad has hired financial analyst Christina Wolfe to evaluate the performance of the company over the past year.

Sunset Boards currently pays out 50 percent of net income as dividends to Tad and the other original investors, and it has a 20 percent tax rate. You are Christina’s assistant, and she has asked you to prepare the following:

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1.         An income statement for 2010 and 2011.

2.         A balance sheet for 2010 and 2011.

3.         Operating cash flow for each year.

4.         Cash flow from assets for 2011.

5.         Cash flow to creditors for 2011.

6.         Cash flow to stockholders for 2011.


1.         How would you describe Sunset Boards’ cash flows for 2011? Write a brief discussion.

2.         In light of your discussion in the previous question, what do you think about Tad’s expansion plans?


  1. In an Excel document, prepare the following financial statements for the mini-case “Cash Flows and Financial Statements at Sunset Boards, Inc.” on page 47 of the textbook:
    1. Income Statement for 2010 and 2011
    2. Balance Sheet for 2010 and 2011
  2. In the Excel document, also calculate:
    1. the Operating Cash Flow for each year
    2. the Cash Flow from Assets for 2011
    3. the Cash Flow to Creditors for 2011
    4. the Cash Flow to Stockholders for 2011
  3. Answer the two questions at the end of the mini-case in a Word document or in the Excel document.


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