Posted: December 6th, 2022

Read short story, answer 6 questions

Answer the following questions:
1.- What id the vision of the author on what he calls Barbaric?
2.- How does he describes Civilization?
3.- What is the differences and similarities between his believes and Hitler?


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Give 2 separate answers for each question. BASED ON THE STORY BELOW








Romanticism in Latin America is very important since it is the return to writing. During the XVIII we do not have many writers because Spanish people were trying to familiarize themselves with everything in America and because most of what they wrote were their diaries and descriptions of trips that were not important to consider them “literature”. The first book in Latin America was written at the beginning of the XIX century. It is a picaresque novel and its title is El Periquillo Sarniento written by Jose Fernandez de Lizarde in 1816. The second romantic novel is Maria by Jorge Isaacs in 1867. Periquillo narrates the adventures of a young man while having different jobs. Perico works with a priest, a carpenter, in a store, etc. He always ends up in travel and the novel denounces injustice in the society. Maria is a romantic novel in both meanings of the word. It tells the love of a young ill woman whose beloved boyfriend is sent to Europe to study. This novel is so well written that a Latin director made a movie about it.

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The second short story we are going to read is a political statement. Domingo Faustino Sarmiento was president of Argentina from 1868 to 1874. He was a very educated men and was in agreement with Echeverria. He thought people needed to be educated so the country could be in a better situation, economically speaking. But he also thought that Natives should not be part of the population of Argentina and he ordered them to escape or die. The fist genocide in Latin America. Sarmiento accepted everything that came from Europe and hated everything that was American. he is the reason nowadays there is an almost none existent population of Native Americans in Argentina, but there are many Italians or of Italian background in that country.


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