Posted: December 6th, 2022

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GUIDE DETAILS for Case, Toys R Us in Japan: MID-TERM Assignment

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Short Answer Essays


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Read the case about what happened when Toys R Us entered the Japanese market. Your analysis of the events will then be organized into a series of short-answer essays that make up the paper.  You will find it helpful to place all major case events into a TIMELINE document and print it out for quick reference.  You are asked to submit your timeline as a part of the assignment.


Short answer essay means that you review each topic and answer that topic with several sentences, or what is needed to explain your answer.  Organize the sentences into paragraphs so that you write more than one paragraph per answer.  Each paragraph should identify one idea or topic, with supporting sentences to explain that topic.


To format the assignment:


1.     Provide a cover page with assignment title, your name, course name, and date submitted.


2.     Copy each of the essay topic and its number onto your file document and then write your answer as a short essay.


3.     This assignment will NOT need an introduction or a conclusion. 


4.     See individual topics for when to add references used.




DUE: ****




615 Mid-term Short Answer Essay Assignment/Rubric


1. Write a summary of the major events of ToysR Us (TRU) when it launched its effort to expand in Japan.  Include at least 4 events.  


Add in-text cites when using information from Case.  Primary authors are Spar and Mackenzie.  See footnote at end of first page of the TRU case.


YES/completed          NO/not clearly described.




2.  Identify sets of beliefs from three (3) groups that probably impacted the initial expansion of TRU. Select from any of the following groups: 


·      American-based TRU executives


·      Japanese government agency managers 


·      Japanese wholesalers


·      Japanese retailers


·      Japanese consumers


To identify the beliefs search the case for stated or likely beliefs towards goals and expectations for how to conduct business.  Then, in your words, write about each group’s beliefs. 


Add in-text cites when using information from the TRU Case. 


YES/completed          NO/not clearly explained.



3. Contrast and compare US and Japanese culture using Hofstede weblink  Answer these questions: 


·      What dimension or category has the most difference? 


·      Identify the likely impact. 


·      What dimension or category is most similar?


·      Suggest a likely advantage for managing by using similarity.


·      Add in-text cite for use of any Hofstede materials or ideas.


YES/completed          NO/not clearly explained.






4.  Think about the likely leadership activities in the case. Then decide if TRU had the right strategy or not.  Answer these questions:


·       TRU STRATEGY:  If you were the leader, would you have managed the initial expansion like TRU executives?  What are your reasons? 


·      DIFFERENT LEADER STRATEGY: If you were the leader, would you have managed the initial expansion differently?  If yes, what would you have done?


Add in-text cite for reference to any leader model (Northouse, or other source)


YES/completed          NO/not clearly explained.




5.  Include your timeline.


YES/included          NO/cannot locate


6. Optional: (ADD POINTS) Research events since the initial entry into Japan.  Summarize.


Add in-text cite for any article or website used.


 YES/included          NO/cannot locate






ABOUT SCORING: Grading Rubric


The essay answers are worth up to 20 points each.  They will be scored as summary total.  Expected range for performance: A score of 80 or above.

• 15% of each answer will be reviewed for logical or sequenced sentence and paragraph structure. 


·      5% of each answer will be scored for correct grammar/spelling.
5% of each answer will be reviewed for APA cite required.


Your answers should be submitted to






Analysis of Toys R Us Case meets the following course learning objectives:


·       Understand adjusting of communication styles and content to adapt both the methods and the medium to domestic and global contexts (Examination of Toys R Us (TRU) and the initial gaps in its success help you understand the impact of assuming domestic culture (US) should shape the culture of other geographic locations).  This case analysis leads to a bigger understanding of what must happen when planning or expanding business outside of the US.


·       Analyze leadership research, and apply it in domestic and global contexts. (TRU advancement into Japan had important, serious ramifications for the company’s managers). Evaluation of the case leadership iand determining whether it was effective benefits from tested and published theory.  Use of theory to assist you in your evaluation informs your understanding of leadership for a global context similar to TRU expansion


·       Examine communication methods to support effective leadership, decision-making and conflict management. TRU encountered unexpected barriers in the Japanese entry. Identifying the important sub-groups and their likely beliefs is an important step for understanding areas needing additional discussion in project negotiations.  


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