Posted: December 5th, 2022

Proposal assignment: compare and contrast society during the early


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Topic Named

There is a clear and focused introduction.

The thesis is clear, original, and sophisticated.

The ideas embedded in the thesis are appropriate to the length of the assignment

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2-3 pages Content

excluding  title and reference pages


In-text citation

List of Reference page

(as best you know it now, references may change

as project progresses)

Proper Use of APA format


Word Choice:

The language is rich, effective, natural, precise, and vivid. Words used to convey images are appropriate to the audience and purpose. Vocabulary is varied, specific, and accurate. It is appropriate for college-level writing.

Sentences add interest and flow to text.

There is strong control over simple and complex sentence structures.


Content for Topic & Proposal

Plan of project clearly explained.

Thesis statement included

Topic identified


Cohesive and detailed proposal written

with originality, locating and detailing of controversies and nuances that sensitively explore the topic.

There is an explanation of

how the topic will be researched and

how the thesis will be explored from

a Humanities perspective


Project timeline and benchmarks are identified

Between assignment due dates


Topics and paragraphs rise above commonplace thinking and summary.  Quoted material is used powerfully to support analytical points (and not as padding).


There is a graceful transition to the next paragraph.  The ideas explored are significant, substantive, and instructive.


Ideas/topics support the thesis so that the paper is a unified whole, and not a concatenation of appended mini-essays.



It has a clear introduction, body, and conclusion.


The writing is structured to enhance meaning.

Transitions are used to move from point to point. Transitions provide logical sequence appropriate for the purpose.



Academic tone, and avoidance of slang


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