Posted: December 5th, 2022

Integrity | Criminal homework help

 Please respond to the below classmate discussion post in 100 words.

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Police work is going through a very difficult time right now. A lot of departments are not getting the high number of qualified recruits applying for the job which then causes the department to soften their stance on background checks. Recruits are currently allowed to apply with criminal backgrounds and a history of drug use. Having a criminal background and drug use was once an automatic disqualification. Allowing these kinds of recruits to enter the profession will eventually start hurting the integrity of all police officers. These new officers will be very to tempted to go to their old ways, of drug use and crime. All it takes is for a few bad officers to make all officers look bad. Departments should not lower the standards for new recruits and should find better ways to get the young community involved with police. Departments need to invest time and effort in the community developing the young kids into the police officers of the future.  

Another issue departments are going through is not having qualified Field Training Officers (FTO). A lot of the older officers are disgruntled and not wanting the extra liability or extra work of training rookie officers. The only ones putting in for the FTO positions are officers with 2 or 3 years on. They are becoming FTO’s for all the wrong reasons such as to get new cars, and better days off. These FTO’s are rookies themselves and with very little experience, knowledge and tactics. My department is in the process of starting a new FTO program. The program will be based out of the training bureau and all FTO’s are going to have to meet a higher standard than what was previously in place. The new FTO program will require they complete a physical ability test and implement all the new tactics the recruits are learning in the academy. Having a strong FTO program is very important for the department and the community. With good FTO’s, rookie officers are going to learn proper procedures, make good decisions, have good communication with community and make good arrests. The community will hopefully then be happy with results of good police work and relationship with the department.

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