Posted: December 5th, 2022

Hipaa and mandated reporters | Applied Sciences homework help

Healthcare providers are mandated by law to protect patients’ confidentiality. According to HIPAA, there are severe repercussions for healthcare providers who disclose patients’ information without their consent.

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  1. Part I
    Use the link below or other resources to answer the following questions. 
  2. What does HIPAA stand for?
  3. Summarize a major goal of the privacy rule.
  4. What is the HIPAA Security Rule, and why is it important?
  5. What is a covered entity?
  6. Who is covered under the Privacy Rule?
  7. List and describe protected health information and individually identifiable health information.
  8. Describe the major purpose of the privacy rule.
  9. When can a covered entity disclose or use protected health information?
  10. What does TPO stand for?
  11. List other situations in which a covered entity may disclose protective health information without a patients’ consent and to whom?
  12. Describe the privacy practice notice.
  13. What are the penalties and repercussions for individuals who violate a patient’s confidentiality?

Part II
Now answer the following questions:

  1. What is a mandated reporter? Who are considered mandated reporters?
  2. What specifically does confidentiality mean?
  3. What are the consequences for healthcare workers if they release patients’ health information without their consent?

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