Posted: December 5th, 2022

Film analysis | Sociology homework help


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The films Miss  Representation and The Mask You Live In delve into numerous themes  related to concepts discussed in your textbook. Both films include  discussions concerning media representation, the social construction of  masculinity and femininity, gender inequity, sexism, violence, rape,  self-image, eating disorders, race, body image, media centralization,  labeling, deviance, the sexualization of young girls, objectification of  women’s bodies, and suicidal and homicidal violence, to name a few  concepts. Discuss the main points of both documentaries, paying keen  attention to the aforementioned issues, and, its effects on the social  expectations and lives of young girls, boys, men, and women.  Furthermore, where relevant, relate the films to concepts discussed in  chapters 4, 5, 7,11 and 16. Additionally, personally reflect on what the  film meant to you and how the media has contributed to your notions of  beauty, sexuality, and gender.

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