Posted: December 4th, 2022

Research plan for mcdonalds | Human Resource Management homework help

Research Plan for McDonalds – Qualitative

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Length: 2200 words


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Using a business problem that is of concern in your workplace or in an organisation that you are familiar with, perform the following tasks:

1.   Abstract

2.   Introduction: Briefly provide some background information to the organisation.

3.   Business Problem/Opportunity: Identify a general business problem or opportunity where a research study could assist decision making.

4.   Literature review: As part of the preliminary information gathering process conduct a brief literature review on the problem area. In writing your review, note that with a literature review the researcher critically analyses what has been written and relates it to the specific problem he or she is addressing. In other words, literature reviews are not about passively accepting and communicating the views of other writers. Employ at least five reference articles in your review.

5.   Research Questions: Define the specific research question(s) for the general problem. For Example What are the main reasons staff have listed for leaving their jobs? What is the compounding factors contributing to staff attrition? What remedies to former staff perceive could be redeeming factors for the organization to help employees stay longer (than 1 year) in their jobs?

6.   Research Method: Identify a qualitative research method (in-depth interviews, focus groups, etc.) that could be used to address the identified problem. Justify with reasons, your choice of method.


7.   Research Plan: Using the qualitative method discussed in the previous task, develop a qualitative research plan detailing how you would conduct the research that addresses the research question(s). The research plan should address, at least, the following:

  • What type of issues/questions should be explored? If using focus group, prepare the moderator’s guide; if using in-depth interviews, prepare the interview guide.
  • How many groups, interviews or case studies would you recommend?
  • How will you select the sample of research participants?
  • Location – i.e. where the interviews /groups should be conducted?
  • How would you propose the data be analysed?
  • What are the ethical implications of your research, and how will they be addressed?

8.   Conclusion

9.   References


Note: There shouldn’t be any plagiarism it’s very important. In text citation should also be included and a total of at least 15 APA references should be added at the end.

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